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According to a local civic leader, it was a miracle no one lost their life in the fire.

Vinny Foster, age 25, lost everything he owned early in the morning of February 25, 2018 at the Wells Fargo RV Park in Tombstone.  While several other RVs were destroyed, Vinny could have saved more than some clothes, but he was helping others.  He ran into burning RVs, helping two people, and more importantly, 8 dogs escape.  While doing so, he severely damaged his lungs, passed out, and was air-lifted to to Banner UMS in Tucson, where he was in the trauma center  for a day.  He has no insurance.  Earlier that day, because he had a good job, he had sold his car to make rent on the RV.  Now, the RV, car, everything he owns – and the job are gone.

He has no place to live.  He has no job, and is surviving off the kindness of friends.  The real problem, though, could be long-term lung damage.  Quite naturally, he is  unable to sleep, reliving the incident.  When he passed out, and EMS air-lifted him to Tucson, he regained consciousness in the chopper.  That also terrified the disoriented hero.

“I had severe smoke annihilation, carbon monoxide poisoning, and I have been coughing up blood.  They told me it could take up to two months to get better.  If not, it is going to be permanent. ”  When asked what else, he said that was pretty much everything.  “I lost everything, passed out, and that’s what happened.”

He lost his new HP laptop, his Samsung Galaxy Note, his older cells with the photos of his four children, who reside in Washington state with their mother.  Foster is living in Tombstone, trying to recover from a divorce where he lost everything.  He was finally getting ahead, he says, when this happened.  He’s trying to make enough money to fight for his four children.