It’s the History, Stupid!


Wyatt Earp was born 170 years ago, today.  Where I live, you sorta honor his birthday. It’s a good tourist thing to do.  Seriously, though, I always wondered how he approached his birthday, after 1882, when his brother, Morgan was murdered on the 18th. I would think it would rather taint how a person approached their birthday.

On Sunday, I was involved in a fascinating Twitter conversation with a person I discovered to come from Kentucky.  We started discussing our family histories and the fact that one is now terrified to even mention the Southern connections due to the damnation of snowflake fake anti-racism insanity.  She mentioned that they’d removed the markers from her great-grandfather’s grave.  I don’t even know where Pierce Butler Bohannon is buried.  I know he has a Confederate marker.  I suspect, by now, some ignorant fool has desecrated his grave. This day and age it is acceptable.  After all, he was an evil, Southern, racist.  All a person needs to do is scream either racist or sexual harassment and they can totally destroy a person.

I wonder how long it is going to take for those of us who do have a real education to speak out and tell these ignorant, stupid, wretches to shut the hell up until they know about which they speak.  I know, just thinking about it condemns me to a life of being told what a horrible racist I am.

It’s those nasty little thought crimes which are going to get us in the end.  Evidently, the First Amendment does not guarantee us the freedom to think what we want.  As long as we agree with the uneducated masses – you know the type – they are just like the monsters who slaughtered something like 70,000 people during the French Revolution, we’re fine.  I truly expect them to begin demanding some sort of execution for thought crimes.

Their historical ignorance is astounding.  The person with whom I was Tweeting mentioned how bad Reconstruction was on the South.  It is no longer mentioned or even taught.  I suspect it is not mentioned because the Damn  Yankees don’t want people to remember what they did to Southerners – after the Civil War.  You see, Abraham Lincoln was a monster.  He was an evil man.  For some reason, his contempt for men who were not white has been scrubbed from history.  All that matters is the scorched earth war he ordered be executed in order to end the vile business of human slavery in the South.  History doesn’t tell you how unpopular the war was.  They don’t talk about the mercenaries (including my gg grandfather Froehlich) who were recruited to come fight for the Union. They ignore the fact that the worst race riots in the country occurred in New York City at the beginning of the war.  They also ignore Lincoln’s genocidal treatment of the First Nation’s peoples here in the United States.

Instead, he is a saint.

Problem is, once the Southern states had been basically destroyed, the lovely years of Reconstruction began.  There’s a reason people who move into an area, and try to change it via their corruption are still called carpetbaggers. The system put in place by Congress, against the South, following the war, was so corrupt and so evil, the South did not recover from the practice and what was done until after World War II.  I know. I saw the recovery.  I remember people who were born during Reconstruction.  I’ve heard their stories.

Reconstruction attracted the worst of the worst.  The corruption of the system cannot be stressed enough.  It was so corrupt that it effected people who lived near former Southern States.  The corruption was so great, it tainted – everything.  Unless one understands how endemic the corruption actually was, one cannot comprehend the alleged Wyatt Earp horse theft incident that occurred in Arkansas in 1871.  One salient fact is constantly missing from any discussion.  The individuals he exposed when he alleged stole horses, and was arrested for scamming were among the most corrupt government officials during Reconstruction.  He scammed a scammer.  His actions literally put an end to a reign of terror by a corrupt sheriff and his accomplices.  The young Wyatt Earp is ‘arrested’.  He then heads back home to Lamar, Missouri like nothing happened.

Maybe it didn’t.

William McLaury, attorney brother of the now defunct and perforated Frank and Tom McLaury was a Yankee Carpetbagging attorney in Fort Worth.  He arrived in Tombstone not long after his brothers died, demanding to be part of the prosecution team against the Earps and Doc Holiday.  Even in 1882 it was highly unethical for a family member to take part in the prosecution of those accused in their murder’.  It was highly unethical to the point of being abjectly corrupt.  The shocking part is Judge Wells Spicer, who had a decent reputation, allowed it.  Had the inquest into the OK Corral shooting gone the other way, with the Earps and Doc Holiday found guilty, just having William McLaury on the prosecution team would, even in 1882, send a guilty verdict to appeal.

Today, Reconstruction is taught from the usual liberal revisionist angle, making sure it was all about race.  The problem was, it wasn’t.  People in the North could have cared less about freed slaves.  The popularity of the war and Lincoln cannot be understated.  Lincoln was hated.

“…November 4th: US mid-term elections.  Lincoln’s Republicans lost 22 seats in Congress – largely because of the unpopularity of the civil war, rising inflation and high taxes – while the Democrats picked up 28 extra seats. Plans to abolish slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation (issued in September 1862, two months before the elections, although it didn’t come into effect until 1 Jan 1863), also divided some voters, all in all leading to an unsuccessful mid-term for Lincoln and the Republicans….”

Reconstruction was a total failure.  The tactics used by the military leaders of the era created such radical racial hatred in the South, that it took another century to solve problems which should have been solved, immediately.  Forgotten in all of this is the fact that Lincoln did NOT want to all African-American men to vote unless they had fought against the South.   Revisionists, today, make the story all about race.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The South had been devastated by Lincoln’s scorched earth tactics.  The men who moved into the South, to profit from the spoils of war, made matters even worse.  Once again, revisionists tell us they were good for the economy.

In so many ways, the very worst of the revisionism, the very worst, occurred in Frank Waters’ The Earp Brothers of Tombstone. The great irony is that Waters targeted Wyatt Earp as his revisionist victim. Wyatt Earp was transformed from the Stuart Lake version, into one of the Great American Monsters.   That is what historical revisionism does when the writer has an agenda.  They say history is written by the winners.  If so, considering the outright communist and socialist influences now destroying the Millennial Generation, this nation is in serious trouble.  I fear we will never see the likes of Wyatt Earp, again.