Yet Another Alzheimer’s Rant


The storyline from the Alzheimer’s Foundation (of which I have absolutely no use) is someone will develop AD every 65 seconds.  That is SO misleading. One needs to put the numbers into perspective.

  • 5.5 millions Americans have AD
  • There are approximately 325.7 million people in the US.
  • 5.3 are older than 65
  • 200K are younger than 6
  • 10% of those over 65 have AD
  • 44 million people – worldwide – have a form of dementia
  • 4% of people 65 have AD
  • 15% 65-74 have AD
  • 44% of those 75-85 have AD
  • 38% older than 85  have AD
  • 30% of those with AD have heart disease
  • 29% are diabetics
  • Lyme Disease can mimic AD
  • The main bacterial threat to acquiring dementia is Lyme Disease.
  • The difference between the dementia caused by Lyme Disease is reversible.
  • There are different forms of dementia.
  • Exercise DOES NOT prevent AD.
  • Aluminum based deodorant DOES NOT cause AD.
  • People with AD have a difficult time remembering odors
  • As we have predicted, the risk of AD is DECREASING not increasing.
  • Vitamin B is helpful in dealing with AD.

There are a few of us who have been saying there is/was a major PTSD connection between AD and the Greatest Generation.  We know there is a connection between chemical exposure and AD.  The problem when dealing with AD is the VA.  We aren’t going to get decent stats because of it.


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