When Religion Goes Wrong?


As an Episcopalian, I think our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, is an abject disaster.  He’s great if you are into social awareness, socialist causes, liberal outreach, and social justice.  I guess that’s my problem. I’m not.  I think a church should be about Christ.  If they want to go all social justice, then do that pesky Sermon on the Mount thingie.  A church should be feeding the hungry, clothing, sheltering, and so forth and so on.  That is what we Christians were called to do.  Granted, some do it better than others, and I suck at it.

I have a friend who doesn’t.  She is the epitome of what a good Christian should be.  She helps people and truly cares.  I have several friends like that.  They are better than I am – much better.  They do what is right – always helping people.  I’ve done my share of good deeds, but if our Salvation requires works, I’m in deep shit.

There is something wrong when a denomination adopts an extreme political stand the way the ECUSA is doing with the march or whatever it is against gun violence.  I don’t mind individual parishes doing their thing.  A parish should reflect the majority of their members – but, this isn’t a democracy, it’s a church.  An organized church should be there for ALL of its members.  Quite frankly, since Bishop Curry took the helm, I’m feeling terribly disenfranchised.  I have no problem with his evangelism track.  That’s important. Bringing people to Christ is important.

As far as dealing with people who are here, illegally, I’ve been part of those in our parish who helped a family who was from Guatemala.  The woman, with a half dozen little kids in tow, walked into our parish hall one Sunday while we were doing a parish lunch.  They were hungry and she was risking everything – to feed them.  I was never so proud of a people as I watched- to a person, everyone pack up our lunch and walk, in parade, to the little trailer where she was living.  The girls in my youth group gave up their allowance to help feed the family.  Our priests took them groceries.  Then – they disappeared.

I would help a person – today, if they needed it.  BUT – I don’t believe in taking a political stand.  There is a difference between helping those in need, and being political.  There is a difference between decrying gun violence and marching in a movement funded by George Soros.

Right now, I feel like an unwanted entity.  Because I’m not a raving socialist and liberal, my voice, within the ECUSA, is being silenced.  Only socialists, liberals, and social justice warriors need to apply. Right now, I’m a little pissed.  This is NOT what a faith should be.  It isn’t what a church should be.  I suppose, if I did not know the origin of the so-called ‘movement’ propelling these kids, I wouldn’t be so disgusted.  Maybe we should be asking the Presiding Bishop what happens to Christians in countries where they are required to give up their guns.  Oh, wait – many of them are already dead.