Sunday Morning Opera: PLAY BALL!


For the past few months, everyone’s heart has been so heavy – broken – in the world of opera.  Finally, we have something to bring us joy and happiness.  The world is always better when there is baseball.

Praise God it’s that time of year – finally.  On Friday, the darkness ends.  The world becomes beautiful again.  The shout of “Play Ball!” will echo throughout creation.  There has always been a Major League connection between opera and baseball.  Obviously, the most famous link between baseball and opera was my mother’s fave, Robert Merrill. In 2014, the world of baseball and opera collided as opera fans demanded the Kansas City Royals allow superstar Joyce DiDonato perform during the World Series.  The San Francisco Giants recently turned things over to the local opera company (as in world renowned) for a performance of Carmen.  And then, there is an opera about the life of Josh Gibson.

My problem with The Summer King is the same with all modern opera. I just don’t like modern opera.


Play Ball!