Snowflakes, Guns, and Violence


The other day I read a heart-felt editorial written by an Episcopal priest.  The ECUSA, now terminally liberal and socialist,  has embraced the anti-gun movement, whole hog, shall we say. I started thinking about this great new generation, and how truly pathetic they are.

I go back to my theory that it is NOT about guns.

It is about a generation who has been so protected that they were not even allowed to use a swing without a helmet. They grew up on video games where they could shoot someone and start over. Up pops that person, alive and well. They have been so protected, that, with few exceptions, they don’t grasp the fact that death is the end. In the movies the dead superhero is brought back to life in the sequel. Their reality is so altered, they cannot, for the most part, comprehend the world.

College students need coloring books and puppies to hold following an exam. Words that might cause discomfort are eliminated from their vocabulary. They have safe spaces.

There are no lessons in civics or government, forfeited for a concentration in STEM subjects. They are being pushed into math, sciences, and engineering, not told there are millions of trade jobs going unfilled because no one is trained for them. Instead, they are being educated to be obsolete – and they don’t know it.

There is something else.

Research has shown that the young people who have turned to terror via ISIS and al Queda have been, for the most part, engineering students or engineers. It is rather like they were removed from basic human interactions and emotions. And – now, they are being organized to protest, to basically have a temper tantrum, thinking all they need to do is go outside, march, and complain and the world will change.

It’s like that kid from Florida, the spoke’s snowflake for their moment. He thinks he can make statements and demands and the world will change. Quite frankly, I don’t expect anything else out of this specific group of individuals but violence. The problem is, it really isn’t ‘violence’ but rather children having a temper tantrum. If we were to be honest, it isn’t just guns that should be kept away from them.

The left has created a little monster.  I want to know if he knew what he was doing when he chose the color of his jacket.

“...SIMON: Mr. Hogg, what do you say to people who who say, look – these are a very admirable young people, but they are young people? And that’s not how society works or should work. We ought to see a little of life before we start taking their prescriptions for what we ought to do.

HOGG: To those people I would say, I think we’ve seen a little of life, considering we saw the slaughter of 17 people at our school. Having to see these things again and again is more than enough life experience than we’ve ever wanted to have. I think saying that students don’t have a right to speak out against this is disgusting because we’ve lived through this. Regardless of what your opinions are or where you come from, you need to realize we are the future of America. And if you choose not to stand with us, that’s OK because you’ll be on the wrong side of the history textbooks that we write. But if you choose to stand with us, you will be praised as standing up with the future of America. Because at the end of the day, what our generation is fighting for – not only for us, not only for the kids that are alive right now but the future of America. We can and we will outlive our opponents because they’re old, and they are stuck in their old ways. We will change the face of America with or without our opponents….”

We are dealing with a group of individuals who are bought an paid for by the DNC, Mike Bloomberg, and George Soros. That should explain it all.