Student Citizens or ?


Instead of a regular post, I’m listing a few links to some of the things going on with that alleged student walk-out and march on DC.  Seems like only about 10% of the participants were under the age of 18.  Evidently the ‘stars’ of the show are not getting into the colleges of their choice – which is rather fascinating.

The Dems now want bullet control.

The kids are ignorant.

“…So at the CNN forum, Stoneman Douglas student Cameron Kasky told Senator Rubio that looking at him is like looking down the barrel of the AR-15 held by the school shooter.

In a video interview with an outfit called The Outline, David Hogg said that the NRA and its supporters “want to keep killing our children.” Not that they inadvertently enable people who carry out school shootings via misconceived policy, but they themselves kill children and want to keep doing it.

Lest he be misunderstood, Hogg added, “they could have blood from children spattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they will still see those dollar signs.”

In accusing their opponents of being bought off, the students deny the sincerity and legitimacy of supporters of gun rights. They treat the Second Amendment as an inkblot on the Constitution and dismiss all counterarguments as transparent rationalizations. Not only is this a (appropriately) juvenile view of the gun debate that ignores Supreme Court jurisprudence, the genuine support of the NRA by millions of people, and the serious, practical objections to gun-control proposals, it removes all possibility of a middle ground.…”

I’m tired of this story.  I’m tired of the duplicity, the liberals, and the Dems. Enough is enough.