Snotty Little Monster of the Id


David (Camera) Hogg is a spoiled brat who needs a very long time out, badly.  Those of us who oppose the Soros sponsored boycott of Laura Ingraham are being called Russian Bots because we oppose his tyranny.  The irony is the treatment of Laura Ingraham is different from how someone with CNN is treated.

I am not a fan of Laura Ingraham.  She’s not one of my favorite people.  This being said, she is a good person and does not deserve to be treated like dirt.  Let’s be honest, very few people do.  No one should be subjected to a personalized hate campaign created by anyone, especially a nasty teenager who has delusions of his own personal importance.

History is full of the littered bodies of the young and ambitious, who became ruthless in their determination to destroy.  Hogg is a narcissist.  He is a text-book narcissist, determined to destroy anyone who might just open him up to ridicule or expose his imperfections, of which there are many.  A foul mouth opportunist, he was bright enough to manufacture his current role in the world.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  There’s nothing wrong with a young person taking a political stand, even when I disagree with that stand.

There is something exciting about a young person taking a stand – for whatever it is they believe.  It doesn’t matter if it is a cause, an issue, religion, or even politics.  What is important is the fact that they are learning how to embrace something bigger than themselves.  With those steps should come awareness of a greater world, of causes greater than themselves.  It is part of putting away one’s childhood and becoming an adult.

Part of becoming an adult, of throwing away one’s childish toys and ideas is to comprehend that everyone has the same right to express themselves.  With maturity comes the realization that the world does not work the way day care does.  You don’t go over to the little girl who has stuck out her tongue and hit her.  You don’t hit your friend who is playing with your blocks over the head with a baseball bat.  You just don’t do it.  Little kids are in school to attempt to civilize them, and teach them they are not animals, but individuals who know when to step back and not react.

David Hogg has yet to learn this lesson.  My very real complaint about the movement of which he is a part is not the movement, but the people who are manipulating him and the issue.  If this were about teens, taking a stand, and doing things on their own, it would be one thing.  The problem is they are being backed, emotionally, physically, and most importantly – financially, by several billionaires who have always embraced that specific cause.  The kids are now nothing more than tools, to be used, abused, then thrown away, forever.

Unfortunately, these kids are going to be learning a very hard lesson.  As for David Hogg, he will move on, step over, kick, and destroy until he gets what he wants.  People like that always come out on top, until they fall.  When they do, it will be tragic.


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