The YouTube Killer


Looking back on it, we know it was a tragedy waiting to happen.  In so very many ways, unlike a raped woman, YouTube was very much asking for this.  YouTube set the stage for this tragic scenario. Nasim Aghdam, the crazed, vegan, PETA, Muslim, extremely liberal shooter was driven over the edge when YouTube stopped monetizing her videos.

“…Additionally, her family members noticed the negative impact YouTube had on Aghdam’s life and even notified the police of her mental instability. The suspect’s brother Shahran Aghdam said she was “always complaining that YouTube ruined her life,” while her father Ismail Aghdam said she was “angry” at the website for supposedly censoring her videos.…”

Here’s the dirty little ‘secret’.  YouTube is destroying people by attempting to control content, censor, and ultimately destroy lives.  Facebook is now labeling anything that comes from Breitbart.  I had a post tagged because I used a source the censors at FB did not like.  They are now trying to explain their censorship.

Many of us have feared something like this.  When the Overlords of High Tech act like Gilded Age Robber Barons, this is what is going to happen.  My fear is it will not be the last instance.