Cold Dead Hands


The city of Deerfield, IL has voted to ban specific kinds of assault weapons.  I could care less about guns.  I don’t like them.  I don’t own one.  I don’t intend to own one. I have a problem with arthritis in my hands.  My right elbow is trash.  It isn’t smart for me to even try firing one.

I have no problem with rational people owning as many firearms as they can afford.  I think everything should be legal.  What I have a problem with are communities that have decided to confiscate weapons.  In Deerfield, gun owners have until the first of June or so to turn over offending weapons.  If they don’t they will be fined something like a thousand bucks a day.

Is the town going to raid homes?

How are they going to collect offending weapons?

What next?  When Deerfield collects the specified guns, do they then amend the laws to go after pistols?  When do they confiscate shotguns?  What about BB guns?  That’s the problem with liberals.  Once they get started, they will confiscate everything in sight.

Liberals don’t like those of us who oppose abortion.  Do they confiscate anti-abortion material?  What about sugary drinks?  Are they doing to declare those illegal and demand they be turned in by a certain date?

Where does it stop?