When You Don’t Know What to Write


I’ve been involved in a FB argument with a good liberal.  She is furious with me for saying bad things about David Hogg.  I think he is a snotty little monster.  Evidently, this was wrong of me because he’s a liberal hero.  I wrote:

“...I think David Hogg is an out of control, abusive little sh*t. No one has a right to destroy the career of anyone, simply because they are in a snit. I’m not a fan of Ingraham, but I’m sure going to defend her. I’d be doing the same thing if he were after someone on MSNBC or CNN. Quite frankly, I’m sick of the left demonizing anyone with whom they disagree as a ‘Russian Bot’. It’s getting old, fast….”

She replied:

“…You think the older brother of a girl who lost a friend and had several no more classmates injured is an “abusive little sh*t”? What TF IS WRONG WITH YOU???? He is a talented 17 year old kid who started out expressing his anger and frustration at so many deaths by guns usung his journalism skills and intellect, only to be attacked and accused by people of being a paid “crisis” actor which has been perpetuated by the likes if that twit Ingraham and the jackhole Alex Jones at Infowars. Because of these people he and and his family have received death threats. I’m not for censorship but when you supposedly report “the news” it’s not your job to rule people up with fake information that leads toore violence….”

I responded:

“…He is an out of control, abusive shit who thinks he can destroy anyone who crosses him. If he continues on his current path, he will come to a bad end. I’m not saying this politically, but as an observer of human nature. I don’t care who he is or what his situation is. A monster has been created. I don’t blame him for latching on to his 15 minutes of fame, or trying to create a career. More power to him. That’s good for him. I’m talking about the need to lash out and destroy anyone who crosses him. He treated John McCain like dirt. He is rude and foul mouthed. He has no manners. He is no different from any other entitled young person who gets fast fame. History is littered with their shattered lives. I think it’s sad. He has tremendous potential, but if he can’t manage his temper he won’t last long. He’s not a rock star, and thinks he is. He is a narcissistic twit. Most teens his age are. It takes an extremely well grounded person to deal with the sudden fame he sought and achieved. Without the capacity to be gracious, he’s done before he even gets started. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? I guess I’m just honest.…”

The reply:

“…Crosses him? These ADULTS Are encouraging people to hate him and threaten him. If someone does that to your kid are you gonna tell them just sit back and take it ? For real? And you have a real problem with agism . No most teens are not “narcissistic twits”….No you have something wrong with your thinking process called not doing it for yourself and letting Yourself be manipulated by the media you watch.….And asking McCain why he takes sammich NRA money is treating him like dirt ? No it’s asking a critical question if a high ranking elected political official. If calling out our politician is narcissism then I guess I am one too. Or is that only when it’s a politician you support that’s being called out….”

What I find tragic is she did not understand the little creep was attacking John McCain, who is dying from cancer.  There are things you just don’t do.  This child is a foul mouth little jerk, but evidently that doesn’t matter. I then added..

“…The average teen is a narcissistic who is only interested in themselves. Then again,I’m a cynic. I guess I’m just a monster. So, go ahead and hate me. I could care less…”

My bad, I gather.

“…I have nieces and nephews (and friends who have kids who are teens and My own 8 year old finds this important) who are teens so the whole generalization of teens being narcissistic makes me see red. So I’m sorry if I resorted to a tactic I get hit with by conservatives in a daily basis but really give these kids more respect. Really….The average teen is usually focused on themselves but calling them narcissist and refusing to believe they can and do make up their own minds and can formulate a plan to combat a problem they are obviously deeply personally affected by just seems mean hearted. If its just being cynical that that’s kinda sad…..In fact I saw this elsewhere but had to copy and paste it to share it here.”It’s not fair to characterize an entire generation based on the stupidity of a few. No, an entire generation is not eating Tide Pods, nor are they snorting condoms. Most kids are not that stupid. If you want to blame an entire generation for something then all I have to say is that no kids voted for Trump. Let that sink in while you are busy blaming millennials for all your problems. 😜“….So even if some kids are a bit narcissistic (and that’s really a personality disorder and to use it as an insult to kids is so very demeaning) to label the whole generation that way is just not nice…”

My final reply:

“…I’m talking every generation of teens past & present….It’s the nature of the beast. I know a guy, who 15 yrs ago described his 18 yr old son as omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnivorous. The Romans complained about their teens. I thought the last episode of Rosanne was hilarious. My mother did the same thing to me when I mouthed off. She soaked my head with the kitchen sprayer. It’s human nature. Before becoming the Greatest Generation, my father did horrible things as a teen. There was a generation who swallowed goldfish….”

I guess I’m bad because I think that the average teen is not capable of handling a tremendous amount of attention without guidance. It also turns out that, scientifically, their brains are not yet fully developed. They are going to be narcissistic.  They are going to do stupid things.  They aren’t going to think things through the way an adult would – their brains just aren’t all there –  yet. There is nothing biased, evil, or unkind about saying something that might suggest the kids from Parkland are not capable of handling the spotlight that as been shown on them.  It is doing them a disservice.  They are still trying to recover from a nightmare, and the left is using and manipulating them.

“…Advanced brain imaging has revealed that the teenage brain has lots of plasticity, which means it can change, adapt and respond to its environment. The brain does not grow by getting substantially larger during the teenage years but rather through increased connectivity between brain regions. This growth in connectivity presents itself as white matter in the brain, which comes from a fatty substance called myelin. As the brain develops, myelin wraps itself around nerve cells’ axons—long, thin tendrils that extend from the cell and transmit information—like insulation on an electrical wire. Myelination, the scientific name for this process, strengthens and accelerates the communication between brain regions and underlies a person’s basic learning abilities.

The myelination process starts from the back of the brain and works its way to the front. That means the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain involved in decision-making, planning and self-control, is the last part to mature. It’s not that teens don’t have frontal- lobe capabilities but rather that their signals are not getting to the back of the brain fast enough to regulate their emotions. It’s why risk-taking and impulsive behavior are more common among teens and young adults. “This is why peer pressure rules at this time of life,” says Jensen. “It’s why my teenage boys would come home without their textbook and realize at 8 p.m. that they have a test the next day. They don’t have the fully developed capacity to think ahead at this time.”

Although the development of the prefrontal cortex is the last step on the development checklist, teenagers undergo major changes in their limbic system—the area of the brain that controls emotions—at the onset of puberty, which is typically around the ages of 10 to 12. Doctors now believe that this mismatch in development of the impulse-control part of the brain and the hormone- and emotion-fueled part of the brain is what causes the risk-taking behaviors that are so common among teenagers. “The prefrontal cortex communicates with the brain’s emotional centers through intricate connections,” says B.J. Casey, the director of the Fundamentals of the Adolescent Brain Lab at Yale University. “In adults, these connections have been strengthening with experience and maturation, but during adolescence, the connections are not fully developed, so it’s more difficult for a teenager to shut off these emotional systems.”…”

David Hogg is a snotty little monster.  He’s being set up to fail.  The left is so busy using and manipulating him, they don’t understand how they are harming his future development.  That is standard operating procedure for the left.  They use and abuse, take, and then spit out what they don’t want.  This child is most likely, doomed, unless a responsible person takes him in hand and helps him.  Apparently, he is skipping school to do his anti-gun thing.  It’s his senior year.  He needs to be in class, every day, but, we gather, he is not.  He is being put on an ego trip, that is not good.  Rarely do these scenarios have a happy ending.  We need only look at the fate of child actors, and very young rock stars to see how they crash and burn.

Interestingly, there are hundreds of conservative colleagues of David Hogg who are planning their own events.  You won’t find the MSM or CNN covering it. Bloomberg won’t be putting millions into the events.  The Soros machine won’t be involved.  It will be ignored.  So is the fact that today’s kids views on gun control are just about the same as an other generation.