The Smugness of the Facebook Liberal


Once upon a time I enjoyed engaging liberals in lively conversation about politics.  I fear those days are long gone, save for a few people.  Maybe the problem is dealing with the liberal friends of liberal friends on Facebook.  They are nasty.  They are ill-informed.  They are bullies.  They think they are superior to anyone who disagrees with them.  They have a tendency to treat anyone who isn’t a rabid, socialist liberal like dirt.

I need to add rude, biased, intellectually dishonest, full of nothing but abject, dripping hate, contempt, and derision.  When someone refuses to look at different ideas or consider different sources, they can’t be expected to make reliable decisions.  It isn’t possible.  They are so biased, they are incapable of rational behavior.  Anyone who disagrees with them is to be treated like dirt.

To make it even worse, they’re ignorant. They don’t know the Constitution.  They are not well read, and consider themselves highly educated intellectually superior to conservatives.  If you are a Christian and a conservative you are to be treated like a common criminal.  A Christian conservative may as well grow accustomed to being called a fascist, Nazi, white-supremacist, racist, bigot, and just plain evil.  It doesn’t matter who or what you are.  It is becoming more and more obvious they consider you so flawed you have no right to exist.

I’m getting tired of it.

The average liberal on Facebook is now so manipulative, they know how to gaslight.  If you engage them,  you lose.  They control the medium because they are so vicious.  If we try fighting back, they manipulate the situation to the point where we are the evil ones.

That’s how hate is.  And  –  they are reaching the point of pure hate.  I spend more time on Twitter than Facebook.  Liberals on Twitter are far better informed. Oh, they are still nasty and contemptuous of anyone who disagrees with them, but they are not yet as vicious as liberals on Facebook.  Then, when one considers the source, it makes sense.  They are taking their cues from their ‘betters’ who run Facebook.

These are the people who have declared Diamond & Silk are ‘unsafe’ for the community.  What community?  Theirs?  I’ve noticed they don’t consider Linda Sarsour, to be unsafe for their little community.  I don’t want to be part of their little community because, quite frankly, I don’t like associating with patronizing liberals who think they are better than everyone else.  Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter has declared he wants to help eliminate the GOP.

That’s the problem.  The other day Michelle Obama started discussing how her husband was the ‘good parent’ who, as POTUS, made us eat our vegetables and do what was right.  She said Donald Trump was the bad, indulgent parent who wants to be liked.  In other words, we are just the little people, to be patronized and treated like we are mindless children while the good liberals are there to be good parents.

Sorry, I’m a grown-up.

I’m tired of being censored.  It’s like the comment Diamond & Silk made about being censored.  The law required a Christian who doesn’t believe in gay marriage to take photos or bake that cake, or make that ring – or be destroyed.  The law says we are to be treated equally. I think it’s time we start making the same demands of liberals.

As for the ignorance of liberals, I have far more contempt of them than they do of me.  The difference is I have better manners than they do.  Even I think they are dirt, I will be polite.  I think enough of myself not to wallow in the filth of their ideology.