A Higher Minimum Wage


Here in Arizona, the minimum wage is $10/hour.  Unfortunately, because the minimum wage is $10/hour you can’t hire anyone for $10/hour.  Oh, you can, but it isn’t easy.  In the state of New Mexico, the minimum wage is $7.80/hour.  California is $11/hour.  In Texas it is $7.25/hour.  A person can’t survive on minimum wage.  But, the honest truth is there are people who are worth hiring at a minimum wage of $7.25/hour who sure aren’t worth it at $10/hour.

Ten dollars an hour is a decent wage.  I was thrilled to get it twelve years ago.  It wasn’t minimum wage either.  The problem with $10/hour as minimum wage is people who are abjectly worthless refuse to work for less than $15/hour.  Sorry, but I’m only paying that for skilled workers.  I’ve been on the receiving end, being forced to pay humans who were abjectly useless and not worth $5/hour the frustrating amount of $15/hr.

Right now, I’m living like a hoarder.  I need help unpacking and putting things up, but if you think I’m paying someone who is abjectly worthless $15/hour you are out of your liberal mind.  If a person worked, it would be different.  Unfortunately, they don’t.  They play with their cell phones.  They smoke.  They take a break to smoke those fake things.  They don’t listen.  They have attitudes.  They lie and they steal things.

Get it?  I could hire someone to help me in the house, but I’m not paying good money for a piece of shit person with an attitude who thinks the world now owes them $15/hour because minimum wage is $15/hour. Have you figured this out yet?  I would willingly pay $10/hour.  But, the truly worthless out there are REFUSING to work for $10/hour.  They have now been empowered.  They now think they are worth $15/hour.

You don’t see them working, do you?

I feel like I’ve been scammed, played for a fool.  There were days when I was shelling out $45/hour for three people to load/unload trucks and move boxes.  They spent half their time playing with their phones and smoking.  You do this for six hours and that’s $270.  Do this for five days and you’ve been robbed!  I’m talking a good $1500 before it was all over, and I was played for a fool.

People have a right to a living wage – if they are capable of rendering living wage worth.  Currently, what I’ve recently engaged is not.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to unpack my things.  I’ve been at it since December.  Dealing with a miserable knee, I’m at the mercy of a workforce that thinks because they are now getting a minimum wage of $10/hour, they can demand far more.

I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of seeing pithy little articles on Facebook, posted by my liberal friends, extolling the virtues of a higher minimum wage.  Fine, let them pay it.   What will eventually happen is lowlife will price themselves out of any sort of work.  Why should I help fund their need for addictive substances?  The minimum wage people I’ve been stuck with, lately, are nothing but drunks, druggies, and people who are incapable of surviving in the world.  I’m tired of being forced to pay for their life-style put up with their addictions in order to have someone to help do things.

The real problem – those who are capable of holding down a job are basically employed. There is nothing left but low-life.  Why on earth should we pay them a heck of a lot of money just because….?  I know that’s a lousy attitude, but I’ve just about had it.