How the Constitution Dies


The judge who basically shredded what remained of our Constitution today officiated at the wedding of George Soros and was Bill Clinton’s first pick to be AG.  She had the audacity to force Michael Cohen to reveal that Sean Hannity was a ‘client’.  A liberal feeding frenzy began.

I wish I knew where to begin. I just don’t.  I am in mourning for what is being destroyed in this country.  I do know if an attorney were to breach attorney client privilege, that attorney can use his/her license.  Hannity’s name should never have been leaked.  The only reason it has happened is due to his constant investigations into the Muller Inquisition.

What does someone like moi do?  I’m involved in several real estate actions.  I have need to consult an attorney on them.  This is REAL ESTATE.  We’re not talking criminal law, we’re talking a real estate transaction.  My sister and I are still dealing with probate.  We have other situations that are going to come up, by the time we sell a certain parcel of land.  I gather, now, if a liberal wants to destroy us or the attorney we are using, they can just defy the law and go ahead and ruin everything.

That is basically what has happened to Hannity.  He asked Michael Cohen for real estate advice.  But, because Cohen was dealing with a truly vile whore, everyone and everything must be destroyed.  I happen to think that any man who is married and has a fling with anyone, deserves to be made to suffer, I don’t care who he is.  He does not, though, deserve to be destroyed.  What Stormy Daniels is doing is nothing more nor less than legal blackmail.    I do find amusing how the liberals are acting about this, but did their utmost to destroy the women Bill Clinton allegedly raped.

We live in a truly divided nation.  If you are a Democrat, you have all the rights.  If you are conservative and a Republican you must be destroyed.  It’s as simple as that.

I’m not laughing.

Neither should you.