Liberals Have Completely Lost Me


I first published this on November 29, 2016.  Pardon no new article.  I’ve been spray painting much of the day and my fingers are not working the way they should.

I don’t mind admitting to some political evolution these past few years.  It all started when the GOP was taken over by those rancid tea parties, which were nothing but a way for the Brother’s Koch to attempt taking over the Republican Party and the country.  That’s the problem with billionaires.  They begin to develop some very strange traits.  George Soros has the same problem.  Like the Kochs, he thinks he can use his money to buy his very own country and own his very own politicians.  He owns Hillary Clinton.  The Kochs bought and paid for Mitt Romney.

The extreme libertarian mindset of the tea parties and the Kochs is disgusting.  It is basically evil, created by a monster of a woman, Ayn Rand.  I truly believe there is no way a person who calls themselves a Christian can even tolerate Randian economics.  First, Christ taught that we were to render (give) unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In other words, we pay our taxes and we don’t revolt against a viable government.  We turn the other cheek, and most importantly, we must live by the Sermon on the Mount.

There is no way a person can accept anything Randian and then claim to live by the Sermon on the Mount.  We are taught to love our neighbor.  We are to be kind. We are to feed the hungry, and give to the needy.  Christ even told the Rich Young Ruler it was easier for a camel to get through the Eye of the Needle (an actual gate going into Jerusalem) than into the Kingdom of Heaven.  In other words, greed is not good.  We are to give to others.  But, Randians see any form of poverty or need as a personal weakness where the person in need should not be helped.  Gary North, the brains behind Ron Paul, thinks that those in need should basically be punished because they are in need.  Unfortunately his teachings, inspired by his father-in-law, J. R. Rushdoony, have inspired an entire generation of Calvinists including Doug Phillips, Bill Gothard, and the Duggar family.

Charity is now bad.  People are not to be helped.  There is to be no form of public assistance.  Let people live or die on their own.  If they need help then the reason is due to a character flaw.  Trust me, I don’t mind admitting, at all, that this philosophy caused me to turn my back on the GOP, which had been hijacked by this truly perverted and anti Christian mindset.

Trust me, I happen to know what it is like to suddenly lose most of what you have.  My loss was not due to anything I had done wrong, but in the fact that we did not catch my father’s Alzheimer’s Disease in time.  Before we could gain control of the finances, his broker had managed to liberate close to a million dollars in a brokerage account.   By the time I was able to get control of the checkbook, my parents were down to $50K in savings.  Their combined social security was about $1600 a month.  My father had a few land payments trickling in for another $350 a month.  The land payments stopped.   I was dealing with two elderly parents who required upward of $400 a month for medication, over and above their Medicare.  (We were later to learn that the AD meds which were costing so much were absolutely useless.  That is another story.)  At that time I had refused to ask my sister for help.  There was a day when we had so little there wasn’t even enough remaining for me to buy food for the parents.  I was faced with the possibility of having to go to the local food bank for help. I thought if I did that, after spending so many years helping with the food bank, that I would take care of them, then go home and take my own life.  The humiliation would be that great.

It was at that moment I realized that private and community based charity, which conservative still embrace, while laudable in concept, is humiliating. Unless the goal is to punish those in need via humiliation of having everyone in the community know you need assistance, it is just plain wrong.  Charity in the way of food, assistance with medications and fuel needs to come from the Feds.  It is anonymous.  We live in the richest nation the world has ever known.  There is absolutely no way any person in this country should be deprived of food, shelter, medical assistance, and fuel.  Over the years, my parents had paid in millions of dollars in taxes.  To be placed in a position to go begging for help was/is wrong.

That’s in a perfect world.  And, yes, I share with liberals the concept that people need help and the Feds are the best way to provide it.  What I do not share is the way to do it.  Unfortunately, it basically cannot be done due to government inefficiency and abject greed. Single payer medical is a fantastic concept.  But, most people aren’t like your humble writer.  The last time I went to a doctor was when I broke my elbow in 2005.  In 2006 my mother forced me to have tests I did not need, to tell me that I had the kind of acid reflux that mimicked a heart attack.  I’m one of those who develops tachycardia when I’m dehydrated and in need of salt.  We’re talking ten years.  But, in a world where people run to the doctor for an ingrown toenail and a sniffle, single payer is impossible.

I am realistic and conservative enough to comprehend that many of the problems facing our society today are caused by a lovely blending of liberal progressive socialism and Randian libertarian socialism.  They are the same thing.  Barack Obama’s version of socialism is about impoverishing the middle class until they are dependent on government hand-outs to survive.  The best way to achieve this is through obscene regulations.  It can be achieved by forcing people to buy health insurance that now costs more than a house payment.  Regulations placed upon fuel have made basic power consumption almost a luxury. Food inflation is so high, people, normal, hard-working middle class Americans, have seen their life-style degraded to the point where they are barely living above the poverty level when it comes to life-style.

Libertarians are basically another form of socialists.  Their world, according to Ayn Rand is one where a few people get hideously wealthy on the backs of the little people.  Socialism is where a few people get hideously wealthy on the backs of the little people.  They are literally both extremely liberal.

One of the best things about Donald Trump is he has liberated the Republican Party from the clutches of the Koch Brothers and their Randian philosophy.  Basic, normal GOP is not libertarian.  It isn’t wildly conservative, either.  It is compassionate with respect for everyone who is deserving respect.  Normal GOP conservative views are basically common sense.  There is reason and there is logic, with a healthy dose of commons sense.

Today’s liberal is a lovely blend of various political personality disorders.  They are paranoid that the Russians have hacked the false media.  They worry about global warming.  Their narcissism will not allow contrary opinions.  They new mindset is abjectly that of a sociopath.  They care only about what they deem important.  They are hysterical.  They cannot accept reality.  They can only tolerate people and opinion which are the same as theirs.  I find myself asking about the fate of old time Democrats like JFK and Tip O’Neill, only to realize they would no longer be welcome as Democrats.  The obvious answer is they would now be Republicans.

Today’s liberal is a nasty little mix of spoiled, selfish, racist, angry, crying, and miserable individual who is incapable of rational behavior.  They are all emotion, bereft of actual documented fact.  Only their ideas are acceptable.  When confronted with opinions contrary to their own, they do not know how to process them.  In short, they are basically walking around with the emotional maturity of a small child.

As for the true liberal and faith, well, they are approving of things, and demanding we all accept concepts and behaviors which were unacceptable to Christ.  I believe, wholeheartedly in forgiveness and acceptance.  The problem is liberals, because they have denied Christ, are incapable of forgiving anyone who betrays their political mindset.  Instead of forgiving and accepting, they must ridicule and destroy.  Christ is all about love, kindness, and compassion.  We must extend that love, kindness, and compassion to all, not just a select few.

I really don’t care if you, as a liberal considers me a fascist, Nazi, white supremacist, bigot, racist, and biased.  I am biased in that I have the right to chose what I like and dislike, and whom I care to associate.  I believe in treating everyone as an equal, no matter what their status and situation in life.  I decry and loath racism, but I have the right to befriend and associate with whom I feel most comfortable.  Quite frankly, I’d rather sit down and have a conversation with someone from Black Lives Matter, than someone who is a white supremacist.  Like I said, I have a right to pick and choose my associates.  The one group of people you won’t see very often in my life are extreme progressives.  They are useless, miserable, boring people who have absolutely no sense of humor.

Because I’m not a liberal, I have the liberty of judging people, not by the color of their skin, or their bank account, but the quality of their lives. I reserve that right, and plan never to change.  I also believe in giving a person a break.  I guess this makes me a little bitchy and nasty. It also allows me to use my brain for what God planned – thinking.  The beauty of not being a liberal is that I have a right to know what is right and what is wrong, and comprehend the difference.