Human Trafficking


Up until the summer of 2016 or so, I had no problem with ‘law abiding’ illegal immigrants who were here in the US just to have a better life.  Then, I listened to one of then candidate Donald J. Trump’s speeches about the fate of women as they made their way to the US.  The sources I had relied on, called the man a racist.  I discovered the man was right.  Something like 90% of women and girls who journey through Mexico, on the way to the US, illegally are abused sexually.

Sorry, but no journey is worth that.

If we stand by the protection and the safety of women and of girls, we cannot support illegal immigration.  The very process renders women horrifically vulnerable to rape.  Yet, the Democrats keep insisting on allowing these women to make this dangerous journey, encouraging them.

There is a problem we’re starting to see with various and sundry Democrats.  It’s a human trafficking problem.  If they were such fanatical supporters of human and women’s rights, why did it take President Trump to sign new laws and demand investigations into the sex trade, the slavery of women?

Something nasty appears to be going on here. I think we are only at the beginning of it.  I hope I am wrong.  If what I think it is – is, it’s very very bad.