All the Presidents’ Women


I love watching Democrats wax poetic about Donald Trump and his alleged lack of morality.  This is where I freely admit, if I were the First Lady, I would borrow some pruning sheers from the White House Rose Garden and put the fear of …. in her hubby, who has been want to stray, many times over and over and over and so forth and so on.  Why would anyone be surprised that he had a fling or two.  Like Dr. Phil says, past behavior is indicative of future behavior.  Chances are, he will fall off the wagon and Melania will probably join the ex-wives clubs, much richer than he will ever be.  Maybe not, but I’m not holding my breath, either way.

Thing is, there have been very few Presidents of the United States who have NOT had affairs, girlfriends, and (or) mistresses.  Can you name them?  FYI:  James Buchanan was gay.  It is possible Abraham Lincoln was bi.  It is also possible Nixon was bi, with a mobster friend.  It  has been fairly well established that Barack Obama blows both ways.  There are even fewer still who have not been accused of scandals, or gossip about affairs.

  1. George Washington*
  2. John Adams
  3. John Q. Adams
  4. Teddy Roosevelt
  5. Herbert Hoover
  6. Harry Truman
  7. Jerry Ford
  8. Jimmy Carter
  9. Ronald Reagan*
  10. George H. Bush*
  11. George H.W. Bush*

A few have been accused, but there is absolutely no proof.  Naturally, they are Republicans.  There are accusations about Washington, but I’m not falling for it.  Thomas Jefferson never met a married woman he did not try to seduce. Jimmy Carter may have committed adultery in his heart.  Andrew Jackson’s entire later life was a scandal due to his beloved Rachel.

David Montgomery wrote:

“…Those who question how “conservative Christians” can support Donald Trump despite these accusations seem for the most part to be working with a caricature of Christian moral thought. According to this caricature, Christians are expected to denounce every public figure who violates any moral principle to which they adhere. But that sounds a lot more like virtue-signaling progressivism than Christianity. 

It is not that Christians are indifferent to sexual immorality. As one theologian put it recently, “The premise of the Sexual Revolution is antisocial, and its effects are socially destructive, as every pope since Leo XIII has shown, including Francis.” This includes sex in any form outside of marriage, pornography, and the entire LGBTQ agenda. There is no question that we believe the sexual behavior of which Trump is accused to be gravely immoral. Although, ironically, those who are most preoccupied by these accusations do not appear to share that belief, since they have for the most part been vocal supporters of the sexual revolution and unlimited freedom for consenting partners to engage in any kind of sexual activity they choose. 

But the Christian also recognizes that “God’s ways are not the ways of men.” David had Bathsheba, yet is still honored as the greatest of the Kings of Israel and the ancestor of Our Incarnate Lord. Trump, at least, never sent Melania’s husband out to certain death in battle so that he could marry her. The biblical God does not always select flawless individuals to carry out his plan for the good of his people. Of course, many have hoped through the ages for a compassionate, just and successful Christian king. But no head of state since St Louis of France (13th century) and St Jadwiga of Poland (14th century) has been canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. Though it may come as a surprise to others, Christians admit — indeed, emphasize — that we are all sinners. Politicians are just more visible…”

I’m rather disgusted by the Left’s portrayal of Donald Trump.  Once upon a time, it was once that the person who should throw the first rock should be the person without sin.