Conservative Women vs. Liberal Witches With a “B”


This is what Sarah Sanders did after being  horribly attacked during the White House Corrospondent’s dinner.

“…The MSNBC party was set outdoors. It was a cold and rainy night and the event was winding down. Then the unexpected happened. Sarah Sanders walks into the MSNBC party. MSNBC, an openly liberal network that often promotes the vitriol that just attacked her, was the last place you would expect to find Sanders that night. But there she was. And guess what? Sarah Sanders was smiling. She owned it. I asked her about the attack and she shrugged, cracked a smile and simply told me that the attacks didn’t bother her and that she’s praying for the comedian.

That is the kind of woman she is.

Sanders did not lash out publicly. She did not attack Michelle Wolf personally or professionally. She just forgave her and shrugged it off.

Since then, the White House Correspondents Association has apologized and disavowed Wolf, hundreds of reporters have critiqued the dinner and Sanders has been defended by high-ranking members of the administration and the president himself.

Flying into Washington, D.C. as a celebrity to cheap-shot a mother who works in the White House to her face in front of a room of one thousand journalists, simply because you disagree with her politically, is not brave….”

I must admit, on Monday, I was not as gracious as Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  I was attacked on FB this morning, because I said something the nasty little liberal did not like about open borders.  She flew at me telling me to you know what – off.  I was not gracious, and may have mentioned that someone who used that type of language was poorly educated, and so forth and so on.  I was called a Russian troll.  I responded saying that I did not know liberals had a sense of humor.  The bottom line is my friend’s friends treat me like dirt because I’m a Republican.  When one told me she had been a life-long GOP, turned off by Trump, I told her that was nice.  Then she said her family were John Birch Republicans.  I told her she was lying about being a Republican, mentioning if she knew anything about the JBS, they were founded to attempt to destroy Eisenhower.

Wanting to see what would happen, I mentioned that if my friends and followers treated my friend the way they were treating me, I would dump them. My friend castigated me for being nasty to them.  I had to learn to be more tolerant of people who hurl the “F-Bomb” at me.  No, I don’t.  I don’t allow it used in my presence.

I’m the bad one.

This has been going on for over a year now.  Because I support Trump, it is acceptable to treat me like dirt. It is acceptable for liberals to treat conservative women like we are nothing, bully, spew obscenities, and make fun of us.  I started thinking what that vile twit did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and I was furious.  We are worthless because we support Trump.  They are the superior ones because of their liberal hatred.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the double standard.