Striking Teachers


The other day, I was driving in Sierra Vista.  Screaming freaks in red t-shirts were out, waving posters and shouting at drivers.  It took me a minute to realize those were teachers, people who were allegedly professionals, acting like union thugs.  Here in Arizona, they are turning this into a union issue.  There are signs in businesses about supporting their red shirts.

I don’t like unions.  I find them a necessary evil.  I think that unions for teachers are as corrupt and irresponsible as the worst of the organized crime linked teamsters.  My humble opinion is that any teacher who goes out on strike should be fired and never again allowed to teach.  They are betraying their students.

There are some wonderful teachers in this world.  I know a few.  The problems is these incredible people are in the vast minority.  When it is revealed that 70% of eighth graders in this country are not proficient in either English or Math, well, someone isn’t doing their job, and you can’t keep blaming the government, lack of money, parents, and the system.  Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley wrote:

“…We have previously discussed the ongoing failure of our public schools.  Again, I understand that many of these kids are coming from broken homes or extreme poverty that makes the task far more challenging for the schools. However, these statistics are still an utter disgrace for any system and show massive budgets being spent without minimal and measurable success. I still believe in public education and I have sent my kids to public schools. I believe these schools play an important role in our democratic systems in raising future citizens. We cannot fail in this basic task as a nation and remain a viable and successful country in the increasing challenging global economy. These scores reflect a permanent underclass where these children are finished before they even start to make their way in life….”

Call me paranoid, but when we’re dealing with liberals, unions, inner city schools, and a permanent underclass, I can’t help but think that’s the whole idea.  Today’s liberals – read Democrats – are no longer fooling anyone but fools who refuse to open their eyes.  It is all about making sure there are ignorant, uneducated voters who will not be able to think, critically.  When you can’t think critically, you are easier to control.

Why should teachers who can’t teach and school systems who constantly produce failure be rewarded with additional money?