Fascist Evangelicals?


I was involved in a FB discussion with a bunch of liberals.  It was situated around a truly insulting Huffington Post article designed to be as nasty as possible about people who identify themselves as white, Christian, and evangelical.  The author, Brandi Miller, is a social justice minister from the Northwest. You title a hit-piece White Evangelicals Are The Most Fragile Of All White People, and then say it’s isn’t bigoted or racist?  Come on, this is about insulting as many people as possible, then getting away with it because if anything is said, you start screaming racism. A person who engaged me, basically said that all white evangelicals are fascists.  I countered, asking him how many white, evangelical, fascists he personally knew.  Quite frankly, I don’t know any.

  • I’ve known plenty of evangelicals who were/are total and complete jerks.
  • I’ve known plenty of people who don’t attend any church who are total and complete jerks.
  • I’ve known ‘Christians’ of one sect – the Gutter Mennonites, who are abjectly creepy and abusive.
  • The evangelicals I currently know did not even vote for Trump.
  • I know of someone who is probably neo-Nazi.  This person is a horrific racist, does NOT support Trump & does not attend any church.
  • The most anti-Black racist I know is not evangelical and thinks Trump is a joke.
  • I encountered a group of people who are inherently racist.  They think Trump is a joke.  They do not attend church. They have nothing but contempt for anyone Hispanic.
  • The person I know of who dislikes being around Blacks is black, himself.
  • The people who attend the same church I do detest Trump.
  • Unfortunately, the people around whom I am most comfortable, the artistic crowd, have nothing but contempt for Trump.
  • I know a few evangelicals who are out of their mind when it comes to prohibiting the use of alcohol as a beverage.
  • I find most mega churches are far from conservative.
  • The so-called ‘Christians’ who have a tendency to be ‘fascist’ and racist have a tendency to be in very churches, out of the way, and not associated with any national organization.  You really don’t find fascists in churches.  Sorry about that.
  • Those who identify as ‘neo-Nazi’, if they attend church, have their own version of religion.  You will NOT find them in any mainstream church.
  • Over the years I’ve come to realize there are just as many liberals who are white supremacist as are conservative.

While we are on the subject, I think anyone who is very liberal needs to explain why the more liberal the organization, the more anti-Semitic it is.  They also need to explain why the vast majority of hate crimes committed in this country are against Jews, and those hate crimes ARE NOT being committed by normal run of the mill white evangelicals.

Just asking.