The Ignorant Racism of Liberals


There is a fascinating article that further exposes the abject racism of liberals. Evidently, as a voting block, they view Hispanic as a specific race for voting demographics. Placido Domingo is Hispanic. He is from Spain. His family is from Spain. I have a friend who is ‘Hispanic’ who is as ‘white ‘as I am. Geraldo Is from Puerto Rico. How can anyone who is rational link everyone who comes from a location where Spanish is spoken be lumped in as a single DNA? Being from Spain is no different than being from France or Italy. Are they considered a different race? Granted the French are the lowest version of humanity when one considers them from the standpoint of being of British DNA, but they’re still Caucasian. I am having a difficult time grasping the racism of liberals.

We need to also mention the fact that liberals like to use the term ‘white’ because it has racist overtones, with the attempt to condemn anyone who is ‘white’ as a total bigot if they consider themselves ‘white.  If they were not being racist, they would use the proper description of Caucasian.

Case in point.  I have a friend who is from Mexico.  She is an American citizen and a die-hard Republican.  Her father immigrated from Germany.  Her mother’s family come from Spain.  Yet, according to liberals, she is ‘Hispanic’, in an attempt to create a false racial profile.

I have a dear friend who considers herself ‘brown’.  Her family has been in New Mexico forever.  Her husband’s family are direct descendants from the Conquistadors.  My friend has family in Mexico.  I suspect, if she did her DNA, she would discover she is very much First Nations with a heck of a lot of Comanche in the mix.  Numerous individuals I know who basically hail from the same are have a heck of a lot of Comanche in them.  He husband, while being ‘Hispanic’, has a completely different DNA profile.

Once again, we are dealing with liberals who are so terribly ignorant.  My friend Tom is ‘Hispanic’.  He is a percentage Caucasian, New Mexico Hispanic (which should be recognized as completely different from Miami Hispanic) and half Navajo.  He has a Navajo last name.  Breaking down, farther, his body type is not typical Atabascan Navajo, but Pueblo Navajo.  Why is he considered ‘Hispanic’ when he is well over half First Nations?

If we were to break down the ‘Hispanic’ DNA the left would have a real problem.  People who come from Cuba, who are considered ‘Hispanic’ have a completely different DNA profile from people who come from New Mexico.  They have a different DNA profile from people who are from Texas but are ‘Hispanic’.

Does the left grasp that the genetic profile of so-called ‘Hispanic’ immigrants from various parts of South America is ‘Hispanic’ only because of their use of Spanish as a first language? Are they THAT stupid?  Do they not grasp the interesting DNA mix of the group of people they want to consider a ‘race’?  The only common denominator is a language, and possibly the Catholic faith.  The cultural difference are more national and regional than ‘racial’.

This brings us to the Native American component.  I suspect liberals want to ignore that part of it.  I also suspect a heck of a lot of conservatives do, too.