Bloody Little Psychopaths


To say our society has a problem with school shootings is an understatement.  It may also be an overstatement.  While it is a matter of the wrong people getting guns, the situation is far more critical.  It is also a situation people do not wish to face or to even attempt to remedy.  The cure will be traumatic, cruel, and require cold-blooded logic.  Everyone keeps wondering why this is a situation that has supposedly arisen during the past twenty years or so. In many ways the explanation is quite simple.  It may be the only simple part of the equation.

The kid who did the shooting in Texas is a psychopath.  The one in Broward County is a psychopath.  The monster in Vegas is was a psychopath.  The shooter at Sandy Hook was not only a psychopath, but he was seriously mentally ill. The Charleston shooter is a psychopath.  Do you see a pattern here?  Ted Bundy was a psychopath.  So is the BTK Killer, Green River Killer, and so forth and so on.  Every serial killer is a psychopath.  Perhaps the real question should be what turned the kids into spree killers and not serial killers.

First, I will bet my toy poodle on the Las Vegas shooter having killed before this.  His brother is a pedophile.  There is a question if he was, also. He fits the pattern.  We know that there are several dozen serial killers active, at all times.  It is basically something law enforcement doesn’t want to admit, primarily because it would cause a panic.  What would cause more of a panic is the fact that there could be as many as nineteen long-haul truckers who are not only serial killers, but are known to one another, actively helping to clean-up one another’s ‘mess’.

I once read that legendary FBI profiler, John Douglas stated the reason society was not doing more to find and ‘rescue’ abducted children was the lack of will, and the fact that the reason behind many of the abductions was so horrific, even some in law enforcement refused to face it.  Fortunately, I think we are starting to delve into the horrors behind what may be going on with these abductions.  Society isn’t going to want to face the reasons for it, if the revelations continue.

For many years, in parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia young women were disappearing or being murdered.  The looked much the same.  Around 1989 or so, while I was operating my gallery, in Seneca, SC, I asked the county sheriff about the serial killer. He was shocked that I knew it was a serial killer.  A young woman had recently been abducted in the region.  That specific serial killer had been working the region for at least twenty years.  But, law enforcement never bothered releasing that information.

There was also a regional problem where, periodically, a young black girl, usually a tween, on a bicycle, would disappear never to be found.There are boys in bicycles missing all through the mid-west.  They were abducted by predators.  The current crop of school shooters are predators.  But – they are too disorganized to ever become serial killers.  They have the same personality traits as psychopaths.


Perhaps we should be asking why kids who obviously are psychopaths, and would have morphed into serial killers, become spree killers instead.  Is this a societal change?  Is it a sign that some of the kids of the past twenty years or so are so disorganized, immature, and incapable of adult behavior?  They don’t have the seeds of maturity to evolve into serial killers, the go out in one single ‘blaze of glory’?

Ages ago, in the UK, there was a move to identify potential psychopaths while they were still young.  Of course there was a tremendous uproar over the proposal.  I think it is something that should be considered -here.  If you go back and study the behavioral patterns of these teen killers, it is obvious they have behavioral problems.  It also requires we accept the fact that a certain portion of our society are psychopaths.  Unfortunately, there is no real will to even comprehend there is a good chance that talented surgeon who saved the life of someone you loved is a psychopath.  There is a need to identify men and women who are in law enforcement and are psychopaths.

The top career choices for psychopaths are, in order are CEOs, lawyers, media, salesperson, surgeon, journalist, law enforcement, and clergy.  It could be the real problem educators are unable to even comprehend or recognize the fact that the little darling in their class is a potential monster is the fact that the bottom rung of career choices for psychopaths are care aids, nurses, therapists, craftsperson, beautician, charity worker, teacher, artist, doctor, sociologist, accountant.  Quite obviously, the practitioners of more than a few on this list are those who make up the broader educational system: teachers, therapists, sociologists nurses, even charity workers, artists, and those who are into crafts.  Is that the real problem?  Is it possible the lack of duplicity within those who make up the educational system are the real ’cause’ because they are highly empathetic individuals who might be incapable of thinking badly of the little darlings they teach?

I have been going back and forth on FB with a very decent man who was once a school principal and administrator. His wife is not only a good friend, but a retired teacher and one of the most compassionate individuals I have ever encountered in my life.  They are good people.  They are also good liberals.  I’m a good conservative.  At times my friend and I clash a little, but it makes for very interesting conversations.  We are diametrically opposite on the gun issue.  That’s okay.  Good people with good ideas should be able to compromise.  That’s the problem with our society, neither side wants to bother compromising.  My friend’s husband and I don’t agree when it comes to guns and schools.  It is quite obvious to me, as a former educator, he is in agony over what is going on today.  About an hour or so ago I was reading about the Texas killer.  It is quite obvious the boy is a psychopath.

Is it possible one of the reasons these nasty little sh*ts are not being, for want of a better term, tagged by society is because the average educator is like my friends. They are good, decent, kind, loving people who only want/wanted the best for their students.  Their hearts and minds are so far removed from who and what a psychopath is, if they are capable of recognizing a psychopath (and by far the vast majority of people in this country cannot do so) is because they are so good? You really don’t even think about psychopaths until you’ve run into one of them, and they have worked their ruinous magic on your life or that of someone you know.  That’s the secret of a good psychopath, they can hide who they are.

The average psychopath is no more a murderous monster than you and I.  They just have a need for a little more excitement in their lives.  As a writer, there is nothing more exciting – to me – than waiting to the last minute to get an article to the publisher.  It gets the literary adrenaline flowing.  While my chosen career has a propensity to attract psychopaths, I am not one.  But, I do know them when I encounter them.  They tend to be glib and charming.  I am neither.  I’m basically a bitch.  A good psychopath is the life of the party, then they stiff you with the bill.  Picture a used car salesman or that sleazy lawyer you recently encountered.  They’re not evil, just annoying.   Another trait of a psychopath is they are incapable of keeping their lives together for very long.  They fall apart.

Then there are the evil ones.  The average person in jail/prison is a psychopath or a sociopath.  There is a difference between a psychopath, who is born that way, and a sociopath, who becomes one due to events in their lives like a head injury, abuse, or trauma.  If you follow the Hannibal Lector tale to the bitter end, you discover he is not a psychopath, but a sociopath, having morphed into what he became due to the unspeakable abuse he experienced as a child.  It is also one reason child victims of horrific abuse need therapy as quickly as possible.  If there is a chance of them developing into something evil, it is possible to help them.

There is no help for a psychopath.  Their brains do not function like those of normal people.  They are born with something wrong inside their brains.  They aren’t wired the same way normal people are.  And, yes, they do exist.  Oddly enough, very few of them are politicians, which may be their only saving grace.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a few out there, trust me, but politics is not their career of choice.

Educators need to have a way, a willingness, and societal permission to ascertain if a child could be a psychopath.  It is a horrific label.  But, if we’re dealing with children who have other problems in their lives, additional mental illness, and parents who are not fully engaged, well – we have a disaster. Oddly, these kids have always been there.  Psychopaths have always been a certain percentage of our population.  The ones who kill will never be stopped.  The great tragedy is the ones who kill in school, were they prevented, would go on to kill elsewhere.  They aren’t going to be stopped.  Keeping them away from guns will help, but, if they are determined to kill, enjoy it, if they have no feeling for humanity, and think they are better than everyone else, not having access to a firearm will not stop their carnage.  They will simply go about it, differently.

School shooters are predators.  Serial killers are predators.  They are basically one in the same, only in different places on the evolutionary ladder.  A school shooter would have become a serial killer had they not done it all at one time.  There is a spark of evil in the child who will do this.  The object is to recognize the fact that kids can be evil  Families need to understand they may have a potential monster, and need to learn how to deal with it.

We also need to recognize the fact that something is going on within the development of children these past twenty years to cause them to change, behaviorally.  Why do they become school shooters, instead of developing into serial killers?  Can they be stopped?

That’s the real tragedy here.  They are never going to be stopped.  We can talk a good game.  We can deny, and should deny, guns to anyone who is mentally ill.  I personally think anyone who has taken specific psych meds should have all firearms confiscated for a specific amount of time. There is a behavioral connection to psych meds and violence. Parents of kids like this, who kill, should be held criminally responsible for not being engaged in their little darling’s life enough to realize little Johnny is a psycho and needs help.

Something else is at play here.  Educators and school systems need to have some sort of lawsuit protection so that they can deal with kids who are a problem, and not fear little Johnny’s parents are going to file a multi-million buck lawsuit against them, the school, and district because they had the unmitigated gall to state that little Johnny is another Ted Bundy and keep him the hell away form guns.

There is a bottom line here, yet no one wants to cross it.  What is wrong with admitting a parent is responsible for the behavior of their child?  Have a good prosecutor send several of them to prison, for manslaughter, and it would solve the school shooting problem – immediately.