Racism and bigotry is a terrible thing.  It is something that should not be hidden, but exposed to the world.  I have repeatedly said I would rather deal with an avowed racist and bigot – who was working through their problems, than someone who pretended all was well.  There is a far greater hope for someone who admits their racism, than someone who says they are perfect.  The person who rises above his/her racism, and learns how to love and respect those they once loathed are to be admired, not condemned.

There are various forms of racism and bigotry, the Starbucks re-education stupidity, and true discrimination where someone is prevented from having a specific job, living where they want, paid less and forced to endure diminished returns on life because of the color of their skin, gender, who they love, size, religion, and so forth and so on, ad nauseum.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a world of equality.  We never will.  The very men and women who scream racism the loudest, are often the very worst bigots.  The person who says what they thinks, no matter how outrageous and stupid, might not be a racist or a bigot at all, but suffer from hoof and mouth disease.

I’ve been back and forth on Twitter with a good progressive who doesn’t have a racist bone in her body.

“…What is your point here? Are you attempting to defend racism? Behave like a Nazi (like Trump and Roseanne) and you’ll be called out like one. It’s very different than comparing someone to an animal then playing the victim. Keith doesn’t have a show, btw….You’re comparing apples to potatoes. Nobody is destroyed for “saying the same thing” Roseanne lost her job for REPEATEDLY being a vile racist. Calling a white supremacist a f*cking nazi isn’t comparable to comparing an intelligent woman to an ape. NO TWO VERSIONS HERE….If you don’t or can’t see the difference then may I recommend some serious inner reflection? I can’t tell you how immature your argument sounds to me and it’s disturbing you find it acceptable. There’s no defense for racism! Don’t gaslight, don’t obfuscate, don’t play victim…”

Yes, she is a typical, manipulative, racist, bigoted, progressive bully who is impressed with her own tolerance – as long as people agree with her.  After I blocked her, I’m now being accosted by people who can’t comprehend why, because I’m a religious person, I can support Trump.

Progressives, for the most part, do not know how to forgive.  Even those who are liberal, who are Christians, have managed to forget how to forgive and be kind to those who disagree with them, politically.  I am truly concerned about them.  We are told, in the Lord’s Prayer, to forgive us…as we forgive others.  They talk a big game about the Golden Rule, social justice, and trying to practice what Christ taught – but they have managed to forget about Love.

Without love we are nothing.

Without forgiveness we cannot be forgiven.

I’m a Christian.  I try to act like one.  I did not go around hating the Obamas.  I prayed for them, their family, and I prayed for their souls. When you practice the love of Christ, even if you oppose someone, politically, you cannot spew hatred for them, and go around denigrating them.  It doesn’t hurt them.  It ruins you, though.

I value my soul and my relationship with Christ more than I do social justice, political correctness and cultural hatred.