Forbes just published an article about real books verses ebooks, verifying something all book hoarders know.  There is something satisfying about owning books.  They help to establish a sense of self and a sense of one’s identity.  Oh, dear Lord, how very true.

On Tuesday, the much delayed adventure of finally shelving my beloved books has begun anew. The sense of satisfaction at the sight of books finally making their way onto their shelves is almost overwhelming.  And, no, I don’t have enough shelf space.  To this end, we’re hanging more shelves.  They will go behind the front door, literally telling the world who I am.

My books about faith, religion, and ancient history are going in my bedroom.  They are personal.  The books I use for research – books about the Wild West and Wyatt Earp are going in the shelves created in the hallway going to my bedroom.  That’s where my ‘office’ is going to be.  The books on fashion are in the living room.  Current events, modern, baseball, and general interesting ‘things’ will have a spot in the living room, as does the now huge collection of poetry books I purchased for my mother over a period of nearly 20 years.  I’m going to keep adding to the collection. I’m not all that much a poetry freak, but it is terribly important.

I’m not quite sure where to put a specific collection, my Lakeside Classics.  It needs to go in a curio, but I may end up shelving them.  Just writing these words started me off looking for the few recent ones I’ve missed.  I’m basically down to the original black covers – the ones that cost a fortune to purchase.  I assume, one day, I will manage to acquire the entire collection.  Then what?

What a mess, but it is my very favorite kind of mess.  Funny about the books.  If I can get them shelved, and sort of in place, I will probably quit complaining about the situation in my home.  The ones that will go by the front door are my books about England and Arthur.   Then the problem is Rome is a logical segue into Britain.  Do I put the books about Rome with the ones about England?

Oh, the choices one must make.

But, I’m almost there with my books.  When they are established, I will truly be home – finally.