I’m Not Getting It


Tuesday night, on Tucker Carlson’s show, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that his deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein did not threaten House staffers of members of Congress who were doing their job with oversight of what he is doing.  Sessions basically said that the House staffers and Republican members of Congress were lying and he trusted Rosenstein.

Oh, Dear Lord…

Is Sessions that clueless, that stupid, or is he part of the problem.  Someone needs to resign or be impeached and it isn’t the President of the United States. We are in this mess because of Sessions.  Frankly, I’m beginning to think he’s the Russian agent! (just kidding).

Seriously, this country is in the middle of what I think is one of the worst Constitutional crises we’ve faced since 1861. The worst part of this is the fact that it has been created by Jeff Sessions.  He did it.  He caused it by recusing himself from dealing with anything about Russia.  He basically betrayed President Trump.  He’s basically betrayed the GOP. His betrayal has led to an totally out-of-control special prosecutor and a deputy AG who has no grasp of the Constitution.

I gather Rosenstein has a terrible temper, and has exploded in meetings, threatening those who have been elected by we the little people. There is something wrong with a deputy AG, appointed by a different POTUS, pulls the strings of the current AG like one would a puppet.

Doesn’t anyone care?