Sherrill Milnes & Beverly Sills


Everyone who knows me knows that I have a fairly strict baritones only, philosophy in life.  Once in awhile a tenor might be needed to flesh out a duet, etc. but I’m also no tenors allowed.  We really don’t need ’em.  I have very low tolerance for mezzos, which is one of the reasons I basically quit listening to opera during the late 90s, until the past few years ago.  I can tolerate sopranos, once in awhile.  There are exceptions to this rule, primarily the late, great Beverly Sills. The recording Milnes and Sills did of operetta is still one of my favorites.  I still can’t get over the fact that the Met never did a video of the amazing Thais the two of them did.

This is one of my favorite of their duets:


There will never be another dynamic duo the likes of Sherrill Milnes and Beverly Sills.  At least they’ve left us with a wonderful legacy of recordings.


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