Excommunication and the Liberal Clergy


It’s this simple.

Any parent cruel, abusive, and evil enough to take their children through such a journey needs to have them taken away from them – permanently. The little girl (in a recent photograph) will have already been raped. Her little brother was probably also raped during the journey. So was their stupid mother. She didn’t care enough for her kids to try and make a life for them. She’s a monster. That’s how I look at it. I’m thinking of the PTSD, nightmares, horror they will face, in their minds, the rest of their lives, because their mother was such a damn fool.

What’s a liberal to do? Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is now snuggling up to Joy Reid. That alone is quite interesting, considering the fact that she hates gays. But, she lied about the fact that she does. Because she’s a good liberal, she can lie and get away with it.

I am assuming before it’s over, people like Bishop Curry and Pope Francis are going to excommunicate those of use who refuse to click our heels and goose-step to their socialist policies. I gather they are going to soon start trying to damn us to hell. We’re hearing rumors that Catholic bishops are going to stop giving communion to anyone who disagrees with their anti-American open borders policy.

The socialist United Methodists are talking about excommunicating the AG. Granted, he’s a miserable excuse of an attorney general, but for other reasons. All I do know is when religious leaders start threatening those of us who refuse to follow them, politically, they need to be removed from their positions and kicked out on their bloated tushies.

Because I don’t agree with them, politically, does not make me a bad person. I doubt if it damns me in the eyes of the Lord. There is something disgusting about any religious ‘leader’ or church who uses their non-profit position to promote one political ideology over another. Frankly, I think they should lose their IRS non-profit status, including the ECUSA!

I’m disgusted by Bishop Curry. He talks a good game about love, yet he doesn’t know what it is. He is incapable of even allowing us to differ in opinion. Sorry, but I’m not a socialist. I’m not a liberal, and I’m not a bad person. I happen to think that any parent who allows their child to go on a trek which basically assures her daughter will be raped is a total monster. If she were an American and did what some poor ‘migrant’ mommy did, she would be in prison. But, for some reason, the poor, immigrant mommy who wants a better life, and pimps her daughter out to be raped is worthy of our sympathy. My gosh, what kind of monster are liberals becoming?

Just to prove they are better than Donald Trump, liberals in this country, Bishop Curry and the Pope included, are damning tens of thousands of women to be raped. They are condemning them to a life of PTSD, nightmares, horror, sexually transmitted diseases, and possible suicide.

Liberals who support this say they support women?

Bull shit.

Thank God for Donald Trump! If that is enough to get me excommunicated and denied communion because of a presiding bishop with a perverted view of the world, I think he had the problem.

The more I think about all of this, the more it upsets me.  I was molested as a child, by the principal of the school I attended.  I was in the third grade. It destroyed my childhood.  Because of the situation, I was never allowed to be a ‘teenager’.  I missed out on life.  I suffered from PTSD, and was literally unable to get on with my life until I faced and conquered those memories.

My parents were not at fault.  I don’t know how I would have survived had I been faced with the horrors of having had a parent subject me to the horror of abuse.  Knowing that her daughter will be raped during the journey is enough to make a normal mother cringe in horror, and seek another way to help her family, financially.  What are these women doing?  They are giving their daughters birth control pills to prevent them from becoming pregnant when they are raped.

These children, young woman, girls and boys are subjected to abuse, starvation, thirst, and rape.  They are manipulated and used for drug mules.  There are trees along the border where the coyotes take a girl’s bra and hang it – the rape trees.

Do you know how a woman suffers after being raped?

Do you care?

Almost EVERY woman and girl who makes the trek through Mexico will be raped.

This is horrific.  But, instead of demanding Mexico stop the violence and stop encouraging passage through the country, Democrats are using this is an issue to hurt Donald Trump.  They don’t care about the lifetime of nightmares, PTSD, horrors, sexual diseases, possible infertility, and abject guilt these girls are going to be facing until the day they die.  I’m sorry but I do.  I hurt for them.  The only way to stop this is to make the journey impossible.  The only way to stop this is to treat the parents of these girls, these children, the way parents who encourage their girls to be raped are treated.  THEY GO TO PRISON.  Their children are taken from them – forever.  They spend many years in prison.  Are the daughters of illegal immigrants less important than children in this country?

I thought Democrats, liberals cared about women.  This is encouraging rape.  It is encouraging child trafficking, prostitution, and pedophilia.  I don’t understand this sort of ‘compassion’.  Frankly, I don’t give a rip of babies are torn from their mother’s arms.  Their mothers have proven they are unfit.  Take them away and give them to people here who disparately want children.  During the Obama years, the State Department basically stopped people in this country from adopting children from Central America.  I will bet my toy poodle on the fact that good, loving homes could be found for every viable child – not the ones dealing with gangs.  Their parents deserve the same rights people in this country do.  You abuse your kids, you lose them.