Refugees, Able-Bodied Men of Military Age & Freedom


First published on November 19, 2015.  It is still relevant.

I have spent the past 10 years of my life defending migrants from Mexico, Central & South American who might not be in the US, legally.  I still do. Families should not be separated.  Children who were brought to the US, illegally, and grew up here – as Americans, should be allowed to become American citizens.  The actions of their parents should not be held against them.   My opposition of bringing in Syrian refugees is NOT about refugees.  I oppose allowing able-bodied young men of military age to be considered refugees, when they should be defending their country.  I’ve written about this, before, and probably will, again.

We are a nation of ‘refugees’.  That is what makes this country great.  The current arguments are not about refugees but disingenuous political posturing to prop up a failed presidency.  We need to help the less fortunate, but to take in young men who are running away from military service?  The problem with all of this is that much of the trouble has been caused by Angela Merkel’s grandstanding.

The problem isn’t about refugees, but about able-bodied young men who are refusing to fight for their country.  It’s that simple.  If you can’t fight for your freedom, then you deserve none.  I don’t care what national it or religion a person is.

Why should our men and women put their lives in danger to fight for a group of men who are so cowardly they turned-tail and ran?  They then expect us to welcome them with open arms, put them on welfare, and send our men and women to fight the battle they don’t have the integrity to fight.  Frankly, I think they can go free-load off someone else.

I should also note this does not apply those those who are physically or mentally unable to fight, to women with young children, and the elderly.  Yes, it is gender specific. You think the macho-man from that part of the world is going to be caught dead caring for his children?  I don’t care what religion he is.  The little woman is to stay barefoot, preggers, and keep her head covered while he sits in the neighborhood cafe, smoking, and drinking very sweet coffee (which tastes really good), while our men and women do the job he won’t do.  Don’t expect sympathy from me.

This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with watching more wounded warriors come home to a life of endless pain, misery, PTSD, or shattered lives, while others come home in a flag covered casket.  If people aren’t willing to fight for their own freedom, why even bother with them?  If that makes me a racist, bigot, or unfeeling, so be it.