Russia, Russia, Russia


Donald J. Trump is never going to be a great orator.  He is subjected to numerous verbal brain-farts on a regular basis.  That, in itself is an indication the man is normal.  Get it – NORMAL.  He is not glib, nor a silver-tongued orator who speaks with forked tongue and crossed fingers.  He’s a normal person.  He says what he thinks.  That is what had endeared him most, to we the unwashed deplorables who have a certain unrefined odor about us.

Those of us who are basically the unwashed masses of the world understand a heck of a lot more than the elites of the Swamp think we do.  We know the difference between bull and you-know-what.  We want lives of peace, prosperity, and basic human decency.  That’s why we are so enamored of our wonderful new POTUS.   He understands the way of the world.

Nothing is black and white. Life is a mix that blends into gray. I think we understand the world far better than the oily, scented elites, who are interested in their power and their place in that structure.  We know they are fighting for their political lives and their survival.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Where they go wrong is the way they do it.

If GOP POTUS Joe Blow from Stinkweed, USA had met with Vladimir Putin today their rancid verbiage would be the same.  If it were President Gingrich or President Carson, or even President Palin, they would be attacking the very same way.  The name doesn’t matter.  Neither does who the GOP POTUS is.  All that matters is the fact that the person in office is NOT a Democrat.  Because the GOP president is not a Democrat, they are going to do whatever they can to destroy anyone in office who is either not a Democrat or is not doing the biding of the Democratic Party.

Once upon a time, Democrats would be drooling if a GOP POTUS had said what President Trump had said about peace.  But, today, they apparently are willing to overthrow the Constitution, and blow up the planet, if it will hurt Trump.

Enough is enough.