Obama the Meddler in Chief


From DC Whispers:

“…Barack Obama and his administration directly interfered in the affairs of foreign governments and did so most often on the side of socialist dictators and/or Muslim extremists. It is a shocking record of anti-American foreign intervention that the U.S. media has consistently chosen to hide/ignore and makes very clear the rampant hypocrisy of the Trump/Russia meme. Just this week FBI Director Michael Wray publicly stated Russia has never “hacked” a U.S. election. What Russia does, according to Mr. Wray, is push topics via social media intended to further divide Americans which means the Establishment Media is then doing the bidding of the Russians. Director Wray also called out China as a far greater geopolitical threat to the United States than Russia and yet this same media continues to downplay Chinese influence/subterfuge. Why? Could it be China’s considerable influence throughout America’s media complex – influence that amounts to many billions of dollars each year?

What if the entirety of the manufactured Trump/Russia scandal is in fact an extension of China’s undeclared war on the United States? No U.S. president has come out so forcefully against the Chinese threat than has Donald Trump. Perhaps all those who oppose Trump, from the media to the “resist” movement, are in fact knowing or unknowing accomplices being manipulated by the world’s single most powerful communist regime.

Far-fetched? Is it any more far-fetched than a U.S. president named Obama who so forcefully embraced a Muslim dictator who advocated for the destruction of Israel, persecution of homosexuals, and punishment for women who accused men of rape – because that is exactly what Barack Obama did when he cuddled with Morsi in Egypt and the Mullahs of Iran….”