Coyote Is Always Out There, Waiting


There are so many things one can say about the FISA warrant against Carter Page.  Quite frankly, it has left me with one burning question:  Where the h-e-double toothpick is the Attorney General of the United States and is it possible he is a Democrat plant?  Sorry, I’m indulging in conspiracy fantasies.  There must be a logical reason why the man missing in action. Let’s be bitterly honest here.  The only reason we are in this mess is because the man is grossly incompetent and the worst Attorney General I can remember.

It’s that simple and that complicated.

When the history of the Trump Administration is written, a half century from now, people will look back and Sessions will not be viewed favorably.  I suspect he will be considered one of the great dupes of history. He blew it.  He was trying to do what he thought was right.  But, the man lacks wisdom.

Wisdom is an interesting trait.  Winston Churchill had wisdom.  So did George Washington.  There is a difference between wisdom and the foolish mind.  I think we have just been through one of the most foolish Presidents in history – Barack Obama.  Wisdom requires a lack of guile, something of which Obama was/is full.  He reminds me of coyote, in the traditional Navajo sense. If you don’t understand Navajo culture, you don’t understand the insult.  Navajo wisdom says that coyote is always out there, waiting.

One of the most foolish leaders I can remember is Jimmy Carter.  He completely lacked and still lacks guile.  His foolishness is what managed to get our country into the current geopolitical mess with Islam.  Yet – Carter was trying to do what was right.  He sincerely was trying to do what was right, but he lacked wisdom.

Ronald Reagan  had wisdom.  So does, I suspect, our current POTUS. His only real mistake was in trusting Jeff Sessions.  Where he made his greatest mistake – so far, is Sessions, who has either betrayed him, or is incapable of comprehending Coyote.

“…Coyote (Navajo:mąʼii) is an irresponsible and trouble-making character and he is one of the most important and revered characters inNavajo mythology. Even though Tó Neinilii is the Navajo god of rain, Coyote also has powers over rain. Coyote’s ceremonial name is Áłtsé hashké which means “first scolder”. In Navajo tradition, Coyote appears in creation myths, teaching stories, and healing ceremonies….Coyote is a key figure in Navajo mythology, and of all the figures in Navajo mythology, Coyote (Maii’) is the most contradictory. He is a shadowy figure that can be funny or fearsome. Coyote is greedy, vain, foolish, cunning and also occasionally displays a degree of power. “In common with Tricksters generally, he serves to test the bounds of possibilities and order.” Coyote looks like acoyotein animal form and he looks like a man with amustachein human form...:”

I don’t know anything that describes Democrats more than coyotegreedy, vain, foolish, cunning and also occasionally displays a degree of power.  Jeff Sessions was deceived by coyote.



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