The Problem with Socialists Superstars


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a problem. Joe Lieberman is very concerned that she is the future of the Democratic Party. According to him, she’s not even a real Democrat, but a socialist. If she wants to be a socialist,that’s their problem. Like Lieberman said, apparently those in the party are trying to keep up with her socialism. I gather they are that out of touch with reality.

This is funny. You need to watch it before YouTube has it removed.

Seriously, we are dealing with a young woman who is ignorant when it comes to the Constitution. Unfortunately, she is a typical Millennial. She is anti-Semetic. That alone should completely disqualify her from running for Congress in New York. She is also fake, taking money from big banks, etc.

There’s something else that bothers me about her. Watch her movements and how she acts.  I think we’re dealing with a person who gets herself hyped up into an almost manic situation.


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