Liberals and Health Care Fantasy


Thursday afternoon I listened to Sean Hannity’s interview with liberal writer Danielle McLaughlin.  She was waxing poetic about Obamacare and how wonderful it was.  I gather the people who live in her little world think universal health care is amazing.  It certainly is.  It is amazing how few people now have access to decent health care.

Oh, you do if you are over 65 and have Medicare and can afford a decent supplement.  I’m just waiting for that day.  Then, I will be able to afford a hysterectomy and the thousand dollars worth of blood tests I need for thyroid.  I can no longer afford the twice yearly body checks I am required to have because of melanoma.  But, evidently someone is benefiting from Obamacare.

If a person has nothing and can skip out on the bill, they get great health care.  I have known a certain woman since early June. From what I know, she had been in various local ERs at least 3 times during that time frame.  I’m dealing with a Brown Recluse bite.  I’ve been dealing with it since mid-December. To put it indelicately, the sore is still oozing puss.  My right leg is a mess.  I can’t afford a doctor.  I have no insurance. I can’t afford the ER.  About 3 weeks ago I desperately  needed an ER visit.  I should have been hospitalized, but I could afford nothing.  If you own your own home and have no insurance, you’d better not get sick.   Try getting people to understand if you can’t afford to pay a bill, and you own something, a hospital will destroy you.

There are times when I truly detest liberals.  When they start extolling the wonders of Obamacare, I truly dislike them.  Before Obamacare, I had wonderful health insurance.  It was $164/month with only a $1200/year deductible.  It did everything and covered everything.  Today, if I could afford it, I would need to pay something like $450/month for a $9000/year deductible – or what basically amounts to a thousand bucks a month.

Sorry, I can’t afford it.

I guess I die young.  But, that’s what liberals want, I swear it is.


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