That Pesky Racist Label


Is the very act of labeling an innocent person a racist, racism?  Is the act of doing it, to denigrate them politically an act of hatred?  Note that I did not say hate crime. It is legal to shout fire in a crowded room. Calling someone a horrible name is not a hate crime.  It is mean, nasty, and hateful, but it is not a crime.

According to the First Amendment to our Constitution, the jerk who says nasty things about someone, as long as they are not lying nor slandering them is not committing a crime.  Granted, they are being a total and complete jerk. It isn’t a crime, though.  It should not be a crime. Not today, in our highly charged world where just looking at a Millennial the wrong way causes them to have a meltdown which will result is horrific PTSD if they aren’t allowed to cuddle a puppy, quickly.

People have a right to say bad things. They have a right to say hurtful things.  It is a fact of life.  And – there’s not much we can do about it, not really.  The only thing a person can actually do if someone is saying hurtful, nasty things is to avoid them. If it’s bad enough, today, society takes care of it, turning someone like Rosanne, who said what she though into a modern version of a leper from Ben Hur.

Stay away

Our society no longer forgives, especially if the unclean individual who dared to utter something construed as unacceptable, is not part of a specific club, group, party, association, or doesn’t know the proper handshake or password for the day.  Take the “N”-word, please.  I hate that word.  It is a horrible, vile, crude, ignorant, and repulsive word.  But – if it is so bad, why are certain people allowed to use it and others aren’t.

Why is it acceptable for groups who rightfully decry that specific word to practice rank anti-Semitism?  Those same groups have no problem protecting people who have come to this country illegally.  They have no problem supporting Hamas.  If someone dares to mention how oppressive the demands that women who are of the Muslim religion must be covered and morphed into fourth class citizens, they are treated like – well racists.  Yet, there is no end of the hatred and filth these same people can spew against people who are Jewish.

True racism, true hated isn’t found in a word.  It isn’t even found in a terribly trashy joke that might be funny.  True racism is treating people who are different from you – differently.  Strange thing, that.  Bias and discrimination need not be racist.  Any woman who is far from thin understands what bias and discrimination is all about.  She knows what hurtful and painful jokes are about.  We are required to laugh at them and accept the determination we are sub-human because society considers us ‘obese’.  But – that’s okay.

It’s also acceptable, according to Hollywood, which tends to be on the forefront of things to support and defend men who are pedophiles.  It is acceptable for popular comedians, both make and female to make light of pedophiles, and to support a man convicted of raping a minor.  Yet, Rosanne is now untouchable.  She made a nasty tweet, for which she has apologized.

Life is so strange these days.  In order to mask the hidden racism of the left, and to disguise the fact that the KKK was an invention of the Democrats, along with the fact that Democrats openly opposed the Civil Rights act, conservatives must be painted as liberal monsters.  Yet, Republicans must be treated as the evil ones.

Strange, isn’t it.

The worst racist I know – today – is a Democrat.



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