The Beauty of Hate


Hate is a wonderful thing, if you want to destroy, not only the hated but the hater.   It is a tool to manipulate others, especially if you teach them to hate.  It keeps the haters feelings raw and gives the hater a purpose.  It ruins what it touches, people, places, families, careers, lives, and even nations. It is the opposite of love.

We are in the process of watching the Democrats and the political left gorge themselves on a blood bath of hate to the point, where, like brainless predatory herd animals, they are going to explode.  But first, they are going in for the kill. While they will destroy numerous innocent lives and careers, they will eventually do that very thing – to themselves.

It is already happening.  In order to have propped up a demigod, a narrative was created.  The narrative allowed the incompetent to get away with whatever he wanted, because he was the product of almost political and ideological purity.  Anyone who dare contradict the narrative created around Barack Obama was a racist.

The racism canard was necessary to maintain the veneer of hope and progress, of a brand new world where anyone who dared to oppose could be manipulated and destroyed by the charge of racism.  By charging anyone who dared think outside the box, or attempt to expose the emperor’s new clothes as nothing but flowery but manipulative rhetoric, as racist, or threaten to charge them as racist, they were controlled.  In order to prevent racism, well, anyone who might be a racist must be eradicated, one way or another.

The canard of racism was turned into a beautiful way to create hate.  Irrational hate is a magnificent creature. It causes the washed of brain and low of information into a useful machine. The younger the haters are, the better.  The more ideological a person is, the easier it is to manipulate them.  Hate needs hope an dreams.  It eats them, devours them.  For the weak of mind, those who want to be popular, well, they adopt the hate.  They go along with it.

More and more people buy into the irrational hate. They buy into the fake narrative.  They cannot question their emotions, for fear they might be prove wrong.

There are rules that cannot be broken.  Once one has accepted the narrative, sources cannot be questioned.  You cannot examine motives.  An acolyte does not deviate from the source.  If approached with contradictory evidence, they declare the past is not relevant.  They question the purity of sources.  They then fact check with their own fact checkers who were created to confirm what they already knew.

Their hate grows stronger and more irrational until they turn on family and friends.  They will allow people they’ve never met in their lives to attack and destroy people in their lives who have a different opinion. The new friends and associates step in and attack family and friends who truly care about that person until the attackee basically withdraws from their family member or friend after being bullied to the point of tears.

It has happened to me, numerous times on social media.  The problem is the person who is being defended doesn’t realize how badly their former friends are being treated.  Like someone who is being pulled into a cult, they disassociate from their former friends or family members, totally assimilated by their hatred and the certainty their former friends or family have become horrible people propping up an agenda of pure hate.

This is what is happening here in the United States.  I am seeing it every day.  I see it in the actions of people for whom I care.  They are turning into proponents of hate.  They can only love those who follow the selected political agenda. The rest of us must be removed from their lives, bullied, insulted, or treated like we are idiots.

I feel for people.  I feel for friends who have been engulfed into this scenario.  They truly hate.  These are women who are allegedly Christians.  They know better.  But, now they do nothing but support a specific agenda.  If you do not agree with their agenda, you are to be minimized. Their new friends and associates will assure them that you are a bad person.

Do you know what happens to people who hate?

They are destroyed.

Hate destroys everything around it.