New Mexico and the Best Interests of the Child


Over the course of the past 20 years, from about 2000 – 2006, I did a tremendous amount of work with our local youth group. The Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande requires any adult working with children go through background checks and something like 8 certified course hours every two years to be licensed.  During that six year period, I went through about 28 – 32 certified course hours dealing with child abuse, law enforcement, state laws, domestic abuse, and so forth and so on.

New Mexico has very strict rules about reporting child abuse.  Basically, any adult who sees or knows of abuse is immediately required to contact authorities.

During the past 2 weeks, authorities have been uncovering a brutal and lethal Muslim cult up past Taos.  Evidently, instead of immediately stepping in to follow NM state law protecting the children in the cult, the Feds wanted more information. Once again we are being treated to an epic fail when it comes to the FBI.  If state law was followed, the best interests of the child were to superseded the terror investigation.

Unfortunately, New Mexico is infamous for not looking after the best interests of the child. Just this week, in ABQ, a six-year-old little girl was basically slaughtered in her home.   The cops had responded to the situation in the home, over thirty times.  Authorities in ABQ are known for letting children die.

I find it rather fascinating.  While this is an issue about Islam and terror, it is first, and foremost an issue about child abuse.   As for the judge in question, she has a history of siding with the abuser, never the abused.