Why I Support Trump


The other day a liberal asked why I supported Trump.  She wanted to know if I were a racist, white supremacist, or just wasn’t able to think for myself.  This was my answer.

My mother was a fan of Donald Trump since the late 1970. I’ve known people who know him – for many years. None of the nasty things said about him ring true. Until he ran for POTUS, he was far from being considered a racist. He would win one award after another for race relations. He helped people. He was one of the first people to step in and help kids who had AIDS. If someone needed something & he knew about it, he was there to help, and never promoted it.

Everyone knew he was a womanizer. It was standard knowledge and a joke.

People I knew in the City had a tremendous amount of admiration for him, for being in construction, and staying away from the mob. When it came to business, he was always a risk taker. He has always been outspoken, and a master at self-promotion. None of this was ever held against him until he dared to run against Hillary.

I’ve watched his career. In Palm Beach he dared open the first country club where people who were of a different race and also people who happened to be Jewish were welcome with open arms. NO ONE else had done that. Yet – people call him a racist. It’s a total lie.

As a person, I have a tremendous amount of admiration for him. As a leader, I am absolutely seduced by him. He knows what is going on in the world. He is not living in some ermine cage, but pays attention to real people. He doesn’t give a rip about their race, gender, or religion. The man has lived his life outside of politics, not sanitized, but really lived.

We are so accustomed to some fake politician and their helmet hair wife, with perfect adorable children. He has warts, a past, and is far from a fake.

I don’t know why anyone who is a master at self-promotion is considered some insane narcissist. I don’t get that one.

I don’t get the whole racism smear. Yes, he is outspoken about the border, but I live about 20 miles from the border. Thursday morning, a car went past the border patrol check point right down the road from me. The people in the car ran from the law. They were chased into the field you will see in my sunset photos. All were violent criminals who had come across, illegally. That needs to be stopped.

Did you know that any American citizen who comes into the US, and does have proper identification for their children, has them taken from them by ICE, and held until they prove they are their children and they are not involved in human trafficking? It is an international law, but Trump is damned for requiring the same safety net for children of illegals. Our previous POTUS almost ignored the human trafficking of children for sexual slavery. Trump is trying to stop it.

Something like 90% of the illegal drugs that come into the US come over the Mexican border, carried by illegals If you know someone who has an addiction or been victimized by a drug addict, then you would understand why Trump is right about the border. It has nothing to do with race. I’ve been writing about immigration reform since 2005. I started out as an advocate for illegal immigrants. And, yes, I have personally helped a family who was here illegally, and would so again, if they were hungry.

BUT – the dynamics changed about 5 years ago. Much of it deals with the crime in Mexico. Those of us who follow the situation and know what is going on, can’t even write about it. More journalists and writers are killed in Mexico than anywhere else. The country is controlled by the cartels. I fully expect this country to be involved in a shooting war with Mexico within the next 5 years if we don’t get the border under control. That is NOT racism. It is protecting people who live here. It is literally protecting me.

I like the fact that Donald Trump has had an experience with Christ. He is a man of faith and prayer. People don’t believe it, but I know too many individuals who have been involved in prayer. That is important to me. He cares about this country. There is nothing wrong with wanting to put one’s country first. Until recently, it was considered psychologically healthy. Now, though, in order to destroy what my ancestors helped build, we must destroy what it great about America. I don’t want a leader who apologizes for American greatness and leadership. I want someone who celebrates it.