Supporting the Hollywood Rape Culture


By now, even people like moi, who do not keep up with Hollywood and the superhero culture, probably know that James Gunn, who directed(?) various Disney films, has finally been fired by Disney.  He is allegedly a pedophile.  His ouster is quite interesting.  Over the past few year, Disney has gained a reputation (allegedly) for being an alleged safe haven to alleged pedophiles.  Rumors about Gunn have circulated for ages.

Something we’ve learned during this whole rather laughable ‘me too’ movement is that liberals have this apparent reluctance to castigate, punish, or even ostracize alleged pedophilia.  Instead, depending on their importance, they simply leave the country, ignore extradition threats, and reluctantly (ahem) collect their special Oscars. Apparently there is nothing wrong with the Hollywood rape culture, when it comes to children.  Instead, victims who come forward, are targeted for destruction.

We are discovering liberals have this strange affection for alleged pedophiles. There are any number of rumors about highly placed liberal political elites who are either involved or associate with those who are involved in pedophilia.  Their names must not be mentioned.  They must be protected.  Those who allegedly accuse and use alleged evidence, must also be destroyed.

One is left with the impression that the liberal elite, like their ancient Athenian predecessors, have no problem with pedophilia, as long as it is the purview of specific social castes here in the United States.  As long as the practitioners, thereof are in that protected social caste, they are untouchable. If even a minuscule percentage of the rumors prove accurate, it is sickening.  I’ve played in politics since I was in the fourth grade in school.  There have been rumors and gossip about so many things – yet, the only whispers about highly placed political candidates who have indulged concern a single couple, one of whom is infamous for his adoration of young, nubile women of coed age.  The rumors about, oh well, they are only rumors and don’t involve him.  But, one is reluctant to even hint at that which shall not be mentioned.  Too many people who do allegedly end up allegedly dead.

Getting back to the Hollywood elite and adventures in pedophile land, several bloggers have been relentless.  One of them is now paying the price, on Twitter. Fans of James Gunn are now attacking this person on Twitter.   One went so far as to threaten one of the writers, reporting he and his wife to CPS to try and have their family smeared, so he could protect an alleged pedophile.


“Weird Mike” smears James Gunn as a pedophile while holding his young, innocent daughter on his lap as she repeats her father’s smears. Child protection services need to save her and get her away from this rapist monster. ..”

It is all incredibly nasty.  When people act this way, if you want my humble opinion, they’re up to something terribly unsavory. If you surf through Twitter, it becomes apparent the liberal elite has no problem with pedophiles.  Liberal women have no problem standing up and supporting their agenda.


So, evidently those who live on the edges of Hollywood liberals, who are pandering for their place on maybe a “Z” list or something, will basically stoop to any depth to pander for their favor.  If they must destroy decent people, so what?  They’re so far removed from the world of normal, decent men and women it is as if they live on an entirely different planet.

There are behaviors which are acceptable and things which aren’t.  The sexual exploitation of adults is bad enough, but the willful covering up of and the tacit acceptance of it by the liberal elite violates every basic human value.  But, during this age of Trump derangement, there are bound to be a few innocent victims as the left struggles to destroy not only him, but everyone connected with him. If they are willing to attack and destroy the innocent family of someone on the right, what does this say about their approach to their own families?

Have they deviated that far from what is normal and decent, or is there something wrong with those of us who fruitlessly hang onto our archaic values?  Are we dealing with a group of men and women who have been so damaged during their own childhood they are completely unable to comprehend the difference between right and wrong, or have they always been like this.  If the example of the Catholic Church is any example, the rich and powerful have always preyed on the young and innocent. The big difference is today, the roaches are being exposed to the light of day.