What About Average Kids?


Disney is once again being the subject of a lawsuit, this time because they are not properly accommodating people who are autistic, not pushing them into rides, immediately.  People with disabilities do need a break. But, when it comes to optional theme park rides, why?

I know, that makes me a bad person.  Okay, I’m a bad person.  I just happen to think that ‘average’ kids don’t stand a chance.  I feel sorry for them. The system is now ‘gamed’ against just plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a tremendous amount of compassion for those in need, but what about kids who aren’t?  They are basically forgotten, left, out, nothing but nothing.

Have you ever seen the look on the face of a little kid who is dealing with a handicapped sibling or one who is terribly ill, and Make-A-Wish steps in?  They’re chopped liver, dirt, nothing, pushed aside, and ignored.  Let’s face it, as the kid who has nothing wrong with them, they don’t get near the time or attention their needier sibling does. They are the ones pushed aside, turned into little nobodies.

Does anyone ever grant their wish?

Then there are the stand-outs, the kids who make incredible grades, get scholarships, do stuff, excel in sports, and are the Eddie Haskell’s of the world. They get in the good schools.  They pledge the right sororities and fraternities, and get the right job offers.  Kids who do good work need to be rewarded, but what about just regular, average kids.

I feel sorry for them.  They’re pushed aside for not being smart enough or excelling at something.  They’re pushed aside if they have a sibling who has a problem.  They’re pushed aside if their parents have a kid who is constantly in trouble.  As kids, they are NOTHING special.  When you are a kid, when the world treats everyone else as special, it creates a problem.

Someone needs to stand up for the average kid.  They are the ones who are going to grow up and make this country great. They become the backbone of our world and our society.  These are the kids who volunteer for the military.  They become cops and firefighters.  They become nurses and teachers.  These are the average Americans, you know, the kind who are Making America Great Again. As kids they were pushed aside, ignored, and generally made to feel like they were unimportant.  Guess what?  They’re treated that way their entire lives.

I do not begrudge a needy kid getting help, not in the least.  But, I do think that the child who needs to have that special wish granted is not the sibling who is critically ill, but the kid who is left behind, forgotten, pushed into the background while the world focuses on the one who needs care.  Guess what, that kid needs just as much attention and love.  Something else, if you don’t think a sibling isn’t feeling the pain of their critically ill or disabled sibling, you have no heart or soul. They’re hurting just as much – but it is deep inside them. The only way they are ever going to get attention is to act out, or start excelling.  If they remain just average, they are pushed aside.

We need to champion them.  Why not let this kid step ahead once in awhile?  Do they deserve a wish?  I think they do. Sorry, but you won’t find me standing up for the kid with autism, or the one who is disabled.  They have people to do that.  I’m sticking up for their siblings who are basically nothing, ignored by their families and society.  Guess what, their lives are just as important as the one who is critically ill or disabled.