Not So Stormy Weather


Some excellent music to listen to while you ruminate.

It is rather perfect for the situation.

Why did Michael Cohen become a dupe for the Clinton machine?
What do they have on him?
Did he always detest Donald Trump?
Is he that weak?
Is he being blackmailed?

Strange that no one is even discussing this part of it.  Lanny Davis is a Clinton shill, among other things.   Well… From DC Whispers:

“…Remember Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server troubles that had her staff destroying evidence and lying to the FBI? 99.9% of the population would have faced some very serious charges for those violations. Not Hillary. Then there are the even more serious money laundering allegations tied to the Clinton Foundation and again – no formal charges from the government.

And guess who was acting as the mediator between the Clintons’ interests and the FBI and DOJ back in 2015 and 2016?

That’s right – Lanny Davis.

Once again, enter Lanny Davis who takes Cohen by the hand and leads him to a “say anything” plea deal with wording scripted by Clinton and Obama-appointed prosecutors in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. The prosecutor leading the case against Cohen is Robert S. Khuzami whose ties with the Clintons date back to the 1990’s. …Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to non-crimes as they relate to Donald Trump. He has tax issues, fraud issues, but what Davis was most concerned with is the alleged “hush money” payments that Cohen now says were directed by then-candidate Trump in 2016. That is the only legal item that involves the president directly regarding the Cohen plea – and it isn’t a crimeIt’s a fake charge but Cohen is playing ball with the prosecution because of the other charges he is facing. This is how the U.S. government works. It can manufacture anything to go after anyone at any time and no entity has done this more often and more aggressively than the Clinton Crime Syndicate….”

Yep.  Michael Cohen plead guilty to something that IS NOT A CRIME.   Anyone who knows anything about political campaigns knows that a candidate – ANY- candidate, is free to use their own money and self finance.  There is nothing wrong with it.  It is not a crime. That alone should be the end of the story, but in today’s post Constitutional, pre-dictatorial, Democratic world, the crime exists, not because it was a violation of any criminal code or campaign finance law, but because Donald Trump won the election.  Anyone who is remotely associated with Trump MUST be destroyed in order to teach the rest of us a lesson.  We are not to go against the Clinton machine or they will destroy us.  I don’t know about this, but I’ve been putting up with this sh*t since 1992.  It’s getting old.  Evidently Bill & Hill are still as powerful as they’ve always been.


All I know is the Clinton Machine must destroy Donald Trump.  It’s that simple.  Anyone who dares cross the Clinton Crime Machine must be destroyed, no matter how many people they ruin. All that matters is the Clinton Crime Machine.