Graceless Republicans


I have no problem admitting I shed more than a few tears Saturday evening when I heard John McCain had lost his battle with brain cancer.  I still want to cry, writing this.  The man was a hero.  I admired him.  I worked like heck to get him elected back in 2008.  He gave me the greatest political thrill in my life – choosing a female running mate!  The simple act of choosing Sarah Palin literally empowered Republican women.   Instead of sitting back, and not running for office, since 2008, more and more Republican women are seeking national office.

Quite frankly, I am disgusted by Republicans who are criticizing the man, telling about how horrible he was.  John McCain was human.  He nearly gave his life, serving his country, as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, for that, alone, he should be honored.  A normal person, he could be petty, graceless, and at times, vindictive.  Guess what, so can our current POTUS.  Does that make me love him any less, no.  It annoys me to no end when he can’t leave well enough alone, but that is who he is.

One day, when the honest histories of the election of 2008 are written, I think we’re going to discover the media engineered his defeat to Barack Obama.  The same group of men and women who are doing their best to destroy Donald Trump did just that to John McCain in 2008.  Unfortunately, in 2008, social media was in its infancy.  I ought to know. I was one of the few on Twitter who was battling for McCain.  It is the reason I joined Twitter – to fight for McCain.  I worked directly with his campaign.  Fact is, I think I worked more for McCain, actively, than any other candidate. We were robbed.

As far as I’m concerned he had every reason to be bitter.  Yet, in defeat, he was far more gracious than most political losers. I think his ‘betrayal’ of Donald Trump, in those votes in the Senate had more to do with the the brain tumor than betrayal.  If you look up the initial symptoms of Glioblastoma “…initially non-specific, headaches, personality changes, nausea, symptoms similar to a stroke…”.  There are studies indicating that Glioblastoma and dementia may have a common cause.   Get it?

I think it is a total lack of grace to damn a man when he is dead, especially when the very things he is being criticize for were probably the result of illness not hate.  I’m disgusted with so-called Trump supporters who are acting like a bunch of graceless liberals, attacking the memory of a great man.

John McCain invented the Straight Talk Express for the 2000 election.  Those few Trump supporters who are being so nasty had best remember McCain’s approach to running for POTUS wrote the book for someone like Donald Trump who played outside the box.  His selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008 literally changed the history and direction of the GOP.  As a Republican woman who rebelled against the punch & cookie set, refusing to join the Republican Woman’s Club because the GOP considered women to be less than men, I will always celebrate him.  He shattered that glass ceiling.   Tomorrow, here in Arizona, two women (and an idiot) are competing for the GOP nomination for Senate.  The winner will be running against a woman nominated by the Democrats.

That’s a legacy.