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The past two days, on Twitter, I made no secret of my total disdain for the McCain Funeral Marathon.  I thought his daughter’s eulogy was disgraceful. I said so on Twitter and was attacked for it. The marathon of three funerals was way over-the-top.  Not even a fallen POTUS would be so treated.  The outpouring for the Queen of England, will not be as insane.  The entire production, allegedly planned by the late senator, was a narcissistic wallow entirely lacking in class, restraint or anything resembling good taste.

I understand a memorial in one’s own state.  I have a very good friend whose father was a far higher ranking politician than John MCain.  Their family did not react this way, demanding services in both his home state and DC. While he could have qualified, his body did not lie in state in the US Capitol.  He and his family had far too much respect for the US taxpayer, who basically paid for the whole McCain Funeral Marathon. (We even payed for the use of Air Force Two.)  My friend’s family had a large, public memorial, but it wasn’t covered nationally.  I don’t even think it was live, within the state.  The family had/has far too much dignity for that.

Contrast that to the outrageous extravaganza played out this weekend and turn it into a little psycho drama.  Allegedly, the funeral we saw was planned by the late senator.  If so, and it was a reflection of his personality, then the man had serious narcissistic tendencies.  There are things here that aren’t good. I still question the services.  If they were planned during the last months of the man’s life, then we must question if he was in his right mind.  Was he so eaten up, not with cancer, but anger and bitterness, especially at Donald Trump, who was elected POTUS and he was not, that he could not let it go?  We are told he goaded his daughter, Meghan into writing her truly outrageous eulogy.

Families have an opportunity to make changes to funerals.  The McCain family know what this marathon funeral was.  They knew all about it.  They should have stepped in and saved the final dignity of  the man.  Instead, they allowed the pettiness, the vindictiveness and the cruelty that reflects ill on a man who came close to giving everything for his country. Instead, by allowing it, by allowing Meghan to get away with her outrageous behavior and because of their hurtful insults to Sarah Palin, they are just as guilty.

On Twitter things became quite vicious. It is now quite obvious those on Twitter who are part of the liberal resistance are taking their marching orders from someone.  There is no way they would behave as they do, without being prompted.  I have been verbally abused.  I’ve had one death threat, a rape threat, vaguely obscured death threats, threats of violence, and subjected to the worst filth I’ve ever seen in my life.

Those are the emotions John McCain stirred with his narcissistic funeral. There was nothing good about it.  There was nothing kind.  It was not nice.  It made a formerly great man look petty and small.  It has basically destroyed any hope of a legacy.