The Ugliest Americans


Tuesday morning, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee disgraced themselves even before the hearing for the confirmation for Judge Brett Kavanaugh began.  They acted like they wanted to see half a million pieces of his paper trail in order to judicially make up their minds about the next Supreme.  We all know nothing is farther from the truth.  Their minds were made up the moment Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. Everyone knows they are not going to vote for Judge Kavanaugh.

Why the dog and pony show other than at least two and possibly three (count ’em) Dems on the Judiciary Committee are thinking about a run in 2020.

Enough said.

This isn’t about Judge Kavanaugh, this is about the Democratic nomination for POTUS in 2020.

At least we know the potential candidates have not even a shred of intellectual honesty.