Manners West and South


I come from and was raised in the South.  Manners required one showed up for a party, reception, or drop-in fashionably late.  You arrived just a tad late for dinner, maybe ten minutes.  Appointments are on time. No one ever showed up early for an invitation.  It is/was very bad form.  You allow your host time for a breath and final preparations before arriving.

On Saturday I had an appointment for 5:PM.  I was ready, at my front door by 4:55.  The person never arrived.  By 6:30, I texted the guy, telling him we needed to reschedule.

He texted back that he was at the house at 4:40 or so, and knocked for ten minutes, then left.

The appointment was for 5:PM, not 4:45.  I was in the back, getting dressed and doing a few things.  Because he was early, and never told me he was early, he was totally pissed with me, for not answering the door. I never heard the door.  I was in the bathroom, getting dressed.  The air was on, and it is loud.

That’s one of the problems with the Southwest.  People are always early.  You have a party, they’re thirty minutes early.  Reception – a half hour early.  Dinner, early.  Appointments, well, it all depends, but quite often they are annoyingly early.

When I say 5:PM.  It is not right to be angry with someone when you are early to an appointment.

It’s called manner.