Your Twitter Followers


One of the most common Twitter problems deals with your followers.  The average person on Twitter, who is not a celeb, is following more people than are following them. Once upon a time, the gods of Twitter were far more strict than they are today.  You were allowed no leeway.  Today, there is a ration.  Some people can get away with following hundreds more people than follow them.  Eventually, though, it catches up with you.

The most important outside ap one can add to their Twitter account is a Who Unfollow Me.  There are times to be cheap when adding a program, but this is not one of them. Pay for it.  If not, and you have several thousand too many followers, you will only be allowed to unfollow about a hundred a day.

Get rid of them – NOW!  The object is to grow your followers, not be stuck in a rut.  I have a few rules I follow – strictly, rarely deviating.

  1.  Never follow verified or celeb accounts unless they return the follow. In all likelihood they don’t know you exist. They take up precious space and give back nothing.  If you have the right unfollow ap, you can whitelist them.  I am pushing 30K followers.  I have maybe a hundred on a whitelist.  Why bother?   Instead, create a ‘retweet’ list. Make it private.  Never ever create a list without making it private.  You can put people on the retweet list without following them. The beauty of a private list is NO ONE knows about it.
  2. When you follow someone, give them about 24 hours to follow you back.  If not, then unfollow them.  I don’t care who the person is. If they don’t reciprocate, dump ’em.
  3. Do not follow trolls.  If someone has one of those blank avatars, make sure they are doing more than retweets and have a decent presence.  If not, unfollow, quickly. When Twitter gets around to one of their spam purges, you are going to lose that follower, anyway.
  4. Don’t follow new accounts unless you personally know the person, or know for sure that person is not a troll. I make it a point to block anyone who has fifty followers, is following fifty, and has never tweeted. You don’t want that person anywhere near your account.
  5. If someone has an account that is only a few months old, and has several thousand followers, is following several thousand, and has several thousand tweets, without an original tweet, block ’em.  They are trolling you.
  6. Purge spam.
  7. If you are a female, keep an eye on those charming male followers.  They’re trying to catfish you. Same thing holds for a man who is being catfished by those beautiful females.  Odds are they are in some sweatshop in Nigeria.  Block ’em.

If you follow these rules, carefully, within a few days, you will discover you are going to experience a healthy growth rate of your Twitter followers.