Twitter Has No Sense of Humor


I know a perfectly innocuous liberal who tweeted that a leading conservative author and personality was a skank.  Unfortunately, she was kicked off Twitter for that, and saying something else ugly about her, a week earlier.  When one considers she had very followers and was involved in other things on Twitter, someone was out to get her. It is that plain and simple. I kept telling her I thought she was being stalked.

Twitter is strange about things like that.  Unless you are part of a favored minority or group, there are words you cannot use.

  • stupid
  • skank
  • moron
  • racial slurs (unless denigrating someone who is white)
  • and so forth and so on

You can use filth.  You can use words I would never use in public.  I’ve had some very nasty things said to me.  I’ve also had a few death threats.  People aren’t nice, but they need to know how not to get caught.

It all depends on who you are and who you report.  That’s where knowing who your local trolls are is terribly important.  Like their namesakes, Twitter Trolls live to make mischief, ruin things, and destroy.  Depending on the situation, primarily political, they are almost always paid.  They can be Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Progressive, or Socialist.  Back around 2010 or so, there were some libertarian/conservative trolls who were horrors.  They’re still among the worst things I’ve ever encountered.  You block them.  If it is bad enough, and they threaten you, as did a few members of the resistance a few weeks ago, you make a screen shot of the tweet and report them.

If someone goes after me, does a retweet, makes a comment, or follows me, has very few followers, follows very few people, and has very few tweets, I block them.  There are currently a group of resistance trolls going around, following Republicans.  They are trying to clone accounts and worm their way into different groups, to make trouble.  You make trouble by reporting people. I am constantly blocking them.

The object is not to get kicked off, suspended or put in jail.  I try not to attack, politically.  It’s no fun, but it has kept me alive.  You also need to develop different interests.  Besides politics, I tweet about baseball, opera, science, space, NASA, and sharks.

Twitter is big business.  It is ruthless.  Don’t ever think it cares about you.  Like all social media, it does not care.