Utterly Helpless


As I write this, I feel utterly helpless. I’m beginning to wonder if this is how the French aristocracy felt on the eve of the Reign of Terror. They were automatically guilty.  There were no extenuating circumstances. Nothing mattered other than eliminating the political opposition, even if upward of 40,000 people were slaughtered by men inspired by the founder of the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson.

Yes, history is ironic, bitterly ironic.

The concept of innocent until proven guilty is a hallmark, a bedrock of of our society, our country, and our modern civilization.  Indeed, the concept goes back to ancient times.  Even Romans were allowed the concept. It is only dictators and despots who do not allow innocent until proven guilty.

Now, though, the Democratic Party seems to have adopted the philosophy that a person is guilty until proven innocent.  This was what happened during the witch trials.  It was part of the Inquisition.  When any group decides to come to power and destroy the basic human rights of those they oppose, they do away with the basic right of innocent until proven guilty.  It makes it so much easier to convict those pesky twerps who want to silence their enemies.

I fear for my freedom.  If the Democrats in the United States Senate can do this to a decent and honorable man like Judge Brett Kavanaugh, they can do it to me.  They can do it to you.  They will use it to destroy all opposition.  They’re trying it on President Trump, with their not-so-silent coup.  Now they are out to destroy an innocent man.

I suspect you and I are next.