A Tale of Two Americas


According to Newt Gingrich, we now have two different versions of America.  One version has no problem attacking, shaming, and destroying.  The nastier they are, the more attention they receive.  Nothing is too extreme for them.  Nothing too vicious.  It is about utterly annihilating their political opposition.

There is a story about the Reign of Terror in France.  Inspired by Thomas Jefferson, who never once opened his mouth to decry the slaughter of 40,000 innocent men, women, and children, it was a conscious effort to ethnically cleans France of Christians.  Silently, the condemned were marched to Madam Guillotine.  Silently, they stood, waiting their turn, while rabid crowds threw human waste, filth, and anything nasty at them.  Every time one of the innocents silently was murdered, their head would be held up, as the crowd cheered.  It was a public sport.

Finally, one day, an aristocratic young woman, a teenager, did not go quietly to her death.  She screamed and she cried.  She was hysterical shouting that she was innocent.  Her family was innocent.  She screamed and cried, telling the crowd what monsters they were.  The crowd became silent.

The story is, the executions stopped the next day.

People were disgusted by them and by what they had become.

The bitter irony here is the Democratic Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, the same person who was duplicitous in the reign of terror.  The irony is today’s Democratic Party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, is now embarking on their version of a new reign of terror where they are going to destroy their opposition, no matter what.

There is nothing wrong with playing the political game to win.  There is something wrong with a Georgetown professor tweets that all white men should die and be castrated and fed to swine.  Restaurants in the DC area are now being required to hire additional security to keep resistance harassers from bothering their GOP clients.

We are watching the calculated and evil destruction of a very good man.  One wonders what the conclusion will be.  I pray he triumphs.  I fear for the worst.