Christine Ford Is a Vicious Predator


Christine Ford is worse than a liar. She is a predator. Two of the people she said were at the alleged party are dealing with serious problems. Just bringing them into the spotlight can destroy them. She never told them what she was doing.

Her former friend is absolutely furious.

The way Ford phrased her denial was that Leland Keyser was having health issues but she was pleased she was doing better. The way Ford approached it makes it sound like the woman was having mental issues.

Nothing is farther from the truth. A former pro-golfer, Keyser is now dealing with the aftermath of numerous physical injuries acquired while golfing, that have left her debilitated.

As far as Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge, he is a recovering alcoholic. He has had to deal with cancer and depression. There are some who fear what Ford has done to him could cause a relapse.

What she did is not the action of an innocent person but a vicious predator who does not care who she destroys. She is evil.

Could you do this to someone? I certainly could not. Then again, I consider myself a moral person.