The Toxic Sisterhood of the Perpetually Offended


I am on record stating that I think the modern version of post-modern feminism is abjectly toxic and self-serving. It is a recipe for mediocrity.   Women, who once had to fight and struggle to achieve any career remotely non threatening, now have things handed to them on a silver platter. When I battled as a lobbyist, working with the space program, I worked twice as hard as the men involved.  In the spring of 1983, the weekend before the first Challenger launch, I attended a space conference in Houston. The first thing I did when arriving in the area was to hit NASA for my press credentials.

“What does a sweet little thing like you need with something like that?” the guard at the gate asked me.

What was the use replying?

The conference was even worse.  Not a single woman was scheduled to speak, even if we were prepping for Sally’s ride.  There were about twenty of us sitting in the lobby, Sunday morning, fuming.  The special guest speaker was the founder of the Congressional Space Caucus, and low man on the Congressional totem pole at that time.  Considered by many to be a total flake because of his advocacy for NASA and human conquest of space, he stopped by to tell us to stop pouting and do something about it.  We did.  We formed the Woman’s Space Network.  Our greatest achievement was networking one of the founders of the group into orbit!  The Congressman, who was considered a flake at the time went on, a few years later, to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives – Newt Gingrich.

Life was like that.  If a woman achieved anything, we all knew she had worked longer and harder, and was far more qualified than her male counterparts. Unfortunately, today, this is not the case.  Women are quota monsters.  All a woman needs to do is cry, become outraged, and she becomes the poster child for social promotion, no matter what the field.  Unfortunately, an entire generation of them, along with their older enablers, drunk on their success, now demand achievement without any form of equity.  They must be allowed to achieve their goals, no matter how inferior they are.

Today’s toxic sisterhood demands an end to patriarchy.  In order for them to flourish, men must be destroyed.  According to the new rules of toxic sisterhood, those of us who are conservative are brain-dead, dim-witted dupes and apologists for the patriarchy.  According to toxic sisterhood, all men must be punished for the sins of a few.   Something like 26 out of 100K women in the US were raped in 2010.  That’s about 250 per million.  No person should be raped, but to require all men, especially those who are conservative, be held accountable for sins they did not commit is barbaric. While we are on the subject, I am expecting the number of rapes on college campuses to continue to rise, simply because today’s snowflake is so entitled, with such a day-care mentality, he more than likely, thinks he is entitled.

This brings us to the total and abject contempt the average conservative woman has for the minions of toxic sisterhood.  There is nothing wrong with opposing someone nominated for any office.  There is nothing wrong with a lobby effort to stop that person.  I’ve been there and done that, and have some interesting accomplishments.  I did not put on a pink hat, scream shout, have a meltdown or make threats.  That’s for amateurs and toxic sisterhood.

I think each and every American citizen should be working, vigorously, involved in politics.  I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative moderate, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, progressive, socialist, or whatever. Our country works best when we are all involved.  But, one must learn how to do things, behave, mind your manners, and quit acting like a total ass.   Grow up and act like a professional.  Dress like a professional.  Dump the signs and t-shirts. Quit screaming and crying.  Most of the country is laughing at you.

The problem with toxic sisterhood is it propels women into an eternal position of being nothing but a little girl, screaming and crying, demanding her way or she’s going to hold her breath and have a temper tantrum. No amount of delusional self-discovery is ever going to change that eternally wounded woman-child.  One of these days people are going to discover how obsessively incompetent, ill-educated, and emotionally stunted these women are.  Until then, we’re stuck with them, no matter how rude, vicious, cruel, and bullying they are.  Let’s face it they’re nothing more than the mean girls, gone wild.